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Them moments that make you rage.

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Hank Evans:
Got my first Quadra kill last night on Gang >.<

It was intense as hell, girlfriend called me during it and I didnt pick up. She quickly chained called me right back, I picked up and she was like wtf why didnt u answer? When the words video game came out of my mouth, that was the end of it. I had to hear it for 2hrs about how LoL is more important then her lol...

First rule of relationships: Lie.

Just because you waste an hour or more everyday playing a video game doesn't mean she needs to know about it. She also doesn't need to know how long you've gone without bathing/anything about your exes/whether she actually looks fat in those pants

Also, picking up a chain call is always a mistake. Always wait and call her back later. You were busy doing something important. aka, showering.

Other important point: don't listen to her ***** about something you did for more than 2 minutes, let alone 2 hours.

Being in a good relationship doesn't mean you don't continue to use your brain, balls, and spine.