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Do you think Special Forces Gangplank...

Deserves an awesome new voice? 1 33.33%
Should just keep his ol' pirate voice. 2 66.67%
Voters 3 .

@Riot Special Forces Gangplank

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iBest Singed NA



Honestly, is anyone at least thinking or developping a new voice for SF Gangplank? I'm not asking for a particular voice actor, as long as he's not a pirate. Visualize a commando. Now, imagine him saying : "Look what trolled out of the bunghole!" (That's what I hear). IMO, that sounds pretty weird. It can take months, but just a little heads up that a new voice is coming would make me feel warm inside. Other than that, AWESOME SKIN!

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Shadow Eklipps

Junior Member


i'm not a fan of the gun shot sound myself. i understand its like a silenced pistol, but the pew pew bothers me. only reason i didn't buy it.