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How can I change splash arts in my game?

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I know this used to be possible, is it still?

It used to be complicated and I didn't used to want to risk breaking my patch, but hell, I'll risk it now.
This is getting absolutely ridiculous. The splash art changes are degrading, they are repulsive, and just downright FUGLY!!!

Why are they changing things for the worse?

This is only my opinion, but they are SLACKING. Oh and I find it hilarious how half of the NA server now has the Chinese Splash art, whereas the other half doesn't. Morgana changes? Really?
I feel like they are just changing some NA Splash art that is inferior to the Chinese Splash art, because they are too lazy to do it themselves. (Isn't it kind of funny how Tango TF is Eve+TF in the splash art (Chinese), but Tango Evelynn has STILL yet to be changed to match him?)
And when they DO try to do it themselves, it just SUCKS...
Riot, you obviously can't get it right over here in NA, so just change the Morgana splash art to the Chinese splash art, they haven't found the need to change it because it's GOOD.

Anyway, enough about my rant. I want to know if I can please just change the Splash arts to what I feel is best, not what Riot feels is best, because they obviously have separate tastes from me.
If I can do this, how do I do it? I need an idiot's guide because I'm no good at all that file-changing ****, but I'm willing to educate myself a bit if it is still possible.