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Syndra Discussion Thread

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Ryzol Ryzo Ryz R

Senior Member


My guess is Riot didn't want to rock the boat again for the S2 championship after the flak they've gotten from Jayce, Durrius, Zyra and Diana. If she's secret OP (on SR), her skillcap is high enough that even the pros probably won't make her work anytime soon. I do think her E needs some tweaking though, as said it's extremely hard to consistantly land her stun and if that misses she's generally dead.

I thought S2 championship was locked in at the Zyra patch with the hotfix nerf to Zyra?

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shucheng cao

Junior Member


'Syndra is so fun to play' i totally agree with you, her W is just amazing. 'A whole world to toy with.' However i did find her under power. She has mana problem in the early game and you can hardly get a chance using 5 balls for your R if you don't have a CDR around 30%. Her W is cool and damage is quite high however it's so slow that people can easily miss it. She don't have a great CC but it's fine. The problem is that i think her damage is not high enough if you build her tanky.

Her Q CD needs to be reduced a bit and her mana regen should be higher or her damage should to be higher.

She is UP.