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Match History

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Saw some people doing "100 games with so n so and here's the results" so I decided to actually go into detail as to why/what/how the matches evolved/ended.
At 63 games, I realized I had a problem with my mouse. It may be contributing to a death or two per game, so I cleaned it out completely and see hwo it goes.

n2trains - Give you an idea of the asinine players I'm coming across...

Champ/Role----------Norm/Rnk-------------W/L----------Record----------Rage----------Overall Record-----Time

Mundo Jungle----------Normal----------------W-------------4/1/9-------------Nope----------1-0
They had 1 perma afk, 1 10 min or so afk. I was 4/1/5 by 13 min.

Mundo Jungle-----------Normal----------------L--------------2/3/1-------------Nope----------1-1
0/5/0 kat at 13 min (mid). Lux switched lanes from bottom to top to bottom to top. Garen couldn't solo top vs 2 due to
him not wanting to use the turret. He did not want the cs reduction. I even told him I would camp top. Also, the 3x I
tried to gank for him within the first 6 min, he didn't go in. So I didn't gank.

Mundo Jungle-----------Normal----------------W------------13/7/19----------Nope----------2-1
Had a pretty bad Sej early but she turned it around. A voli who went ap/ad combo and was awful, but I carried the game
and had 6200 hp to end the game. It was 4v5 (they had an afk).

Mundo Jungle-----------Normal----------------W-------------2/3/11-----------Nope----------3-1
Bad bottom (nid/rengar went like 4/9/4 in 15 min). Complained about ganks at 4 minutes... Ended up surrendering when
Ezrael and I absolutely wrecked their team.

Mundo Jungle-----------Normal-----------------L--------------7/9/19-----------Yup------------3-2
Winning all the way past 30 min. Pushed inhib mid, they pushed on to Nexus, even though I told them I can tank turret
bottom lane by inhibitor. Pinged multiple times. SO, instead they went and got hit by turrets, lost team fights,
I couldn't escape 5 guys after me even with ulti and slowing. We had baron and lost a team fihgt. Game over. Revived,
they killed all 4 of them cuz they chased one and that was it. blam. game.

Mundo Jungle-----------Normal------------------L--------------2/5/6------------Yup------------3-3
Nobody warded. They had no jungle, I appeared in every lane by 10 min, top twice. Couldn't get much going. I was 2/1/0 at
10. Nobody had any wards but me and Sona bought a couple, but twitch just flat wrecked us cuz their team would retreat to
turret, my team followed, died on way back to twitch. about 3x. Great combination. Not possible to win. Ezrael asked if he
should be ap or ad, and had no clue about builds.

Janna Support-----------Normal (D)-----------W--------------2/2/19----------Nope---------4-3
cluster to start. Said jungle tank, leader picked Mundo with smite. So I ended up taking the last uncalled @ support Janna.
Fiora and i destroyed bottom lane Leona/Sivir. Obliterated. Their Lee sin afk'd after dying to us on a gank.

Maokai Jungle-----------Normal------------------L--------------3/5/3-----------Nope--------4-4
Surrender @ 20. 0/8/3 rengar solo'd top.

Maokai Jungle-----------Normal------------------L--------------1/5/8-----------Some-------4-5
Ezrael was "lagging all day" but still played. Died 11 times in 25 min as mid.

Maokai Jungle-----------Normal------------------W-------------4/1/9-----------Nope-------5-5
Terrible bottom Tristana/Teemo. joined up late and we already had 2 ad. 4 sec to go they joined. But, I dominated the jungle
on all aspects, ganked a LOT early and they couldn't recover.

Maokai Jungle-----------Normal-------------------L--------------0/4/4----------Some-------5-6
Just absolute morons. Nothing but people who failed at bottom, causing me to die on ganks due to falling back without warning/reason as I snared.

Nautilus Jungle----------Normal-------------------L--------------1/3/5----------Some-------5-7
Surrendered at 30 min. Rengar solo top'd and died more than he should have (6x), vayne bottom died 6x before it all went to hell,
and lux played like she was an offensive tank. Dove about 5x. Ganked top 3x, bottom 2x and mid vs fizz (our vladmir) didn't go
well at all. BUT, he used it to his advantage til everybody ran mid and fed Fizz. Awful team, I played rather well.

Nautilus Jungle----------Normal (D)-------------W -------------1/2/7----------None---------6-7
Started off well, got top an advantage (Teemo over Jayce), Vlad mid did well, bottom Sona/Caitlyn worked out great. Ganked and
saved many times overall, didn't do much but 1 death in team fights, 1 from trying to take their blue with 1/3 hp cuz nunu was
nowhere near. Oops. Well played.

Nautilus Jungle---------Normal (D)---------------L---------------0/4/1---------@feeder----6-8
Had a troll/feeder up top. ended up 0/11/1. Wouldn't talk, just trolled. Not even a baddie, just a troll. No chance.I don't even
count this against me.

Nautilus Jungle---------Normal (D)---------------L---------------5/6/11---------Some-------6-9
Had an Alistar 1/5/1 at 10 min, and his lane partner Sivir was something like 2/4/1 or so at the same point. Mid was 4/0/0 in
that time frame, and I was 3/0/4 by 14 min. Alistar ran off by himself endlessly, then our solo top teemo decided to copy him
about 3-4 times and it didn't matter that FiddleMiddle and AstroNautilus wrecked people, just couldn't compete when bottom lane
got super fed super fast.

Nautilus jungle----------Normal (D)---------------W-------------0/2/15---------Barely------7-9
Karthus mid went 1:1 kill:death ratio for the first 20 min. He would run into the jungle, push hard and jungle would gank him,
any number of things. Solo top Poppy did well, Diana stole my blue to start and then bottom fed a little to start, but
they recovered via my ganks and taking Amumu out multiple times (their jungler). Overall, poppy and I really carried with the
help of karthus after he died (he was useless pre death it seemed)

Yorick Solo top---------Normal (D)----------------L--------------0/7/4-----------Nope------7-10
Held top at 0/3/1 for 20 min. Tower didn't fall til 26 min. Maokai had to hang mid and gank cuz katarina was meh, and our bot
with vayne/soraka was sub par. Then, in the end, I took partial blame since Riven outplayed me.

Evelynn Jungle----------Normal (D)----------------W--------------3/0/6----------Nope------8-10
I ganked multiple times top and mid, didn't get to much bottom cuz they were either dead or on turret. Overall, great plays by
cho'Gath top.

Evelynn Jungle----------Normal (D)----------------W--------------3/6/6----------Nope------8-11
I failed my team miserably after a while. Wasn't planning on WW being in my jungle at times, but I did ping in case, they
ignored 'em. Oh well. Still won!

Evelynn Jungle----------Normal (D)----------------W--------------4/3/6----------Nope------9-11
Just a matter of too much roaming by our top, Poppy. thought he should be everywhere in spite of where I was. Still won!

Nautilus Jungle---------Normal (D)-----------------L---------------0/7/1----------Nope------9-12
Had an afk for the first 6 min, I tried to step in, within 10 seconds I was ganked middle pretty hard. Game was over after that.

Nautilus Jungle---------Normal (D)-----------------L---------------1/4/4----------YUP-------9-13
FAIL mid, top, bottom/support. Can't gank when my team's dead. I died the fewest at 4 times...

Maokai Mid--------------Normal (D)-----------------W--------------3/2/13---------Nope------10-13
Just dominated Karthus. Pure and simple. Fiddle was utter failure on ganks, but I still managed to get him.

Soraka Bottom---------Normal (D)-----------------W--------------6/10/34--------Nope------11-13--------70 min
They had an afk. We got dominated cuz of an awful caitlyn and an awful AP Eve jungler. Won cuz of the afk (in 70 min and he)
afk'd after 0/2/1 start in 8 min.

Nautilus Jungle---------Normal (D)------------------L---------------5/8/6-----------Nope------11-14-----------
Not much to say. Just had a subpar team that had no team fight concept.

Nautilus Jungle-----------Normal (D)--------------W--------------0/0/6------------Nope-------12-14-----------20 min
Just kept coming out of the jungle to gank over n over. Got the win via surrender.

Maokai Bot/Support----Normal (D)--------------W--------------1/1/2------------Nope--------13-14-----------20 min
Paired ez, tf mid, ww solo top, lee sin jungle. Dominated bottom vs Taric/Varus. Their Ahri died and afk'd. 20 min surrender win.

Maokai Jungle-----------Normal (D)----------------W-------------7/5/30----------Nope---------14-14-----------75 min
Carried the team, initiated and dominated late game, early game, mid game. Our Cassiopeia was an early craphole. 2/7 in 20.
She recovered, but then tried to say she was the reason the team was doing well. bwahahaha. Kayle up top saved me with ulti
2-3x, team fights were a joke when I had that+guardian angel. Wasn't fair.

Soraka Support----------Normal (D)---------------W-------------1/1/13------------Nope--------15-14-----------35 min
Teemo and I bottom. Absolute destruction. Varus couldn't get me even when it went to 1v1. He didn't account for all the heals
and my summoner heal. Diana had 10 deaths out of 19 for the team as our jungler. Also built hybrid, and then got mad when
I told her she should build ap cuz ad and hybrid are awful. She chased hard throughout the game.

Soraka Support----------Normal (D)----------------L--------------0/4/1--------------Some-------15-15------------20 min
Darius fed for 4:30 and then left. Leaving me to 1v2 bottom against sona/graves. No jungle on our team cuz they didn't want
one. Garen had the worst attitude I've seen, blaming me for everything when I was playing support and they'd initiate in the
jungle when Graves was 5/0/0. Lovely game, overall. Toxicity from 2.

Maokai Mid----------------Ranked--------------------W-------------4/2/11------------Nope--------16-15------------30 min
1020 (+23 ELO). Faced Gragas mid, and handled him rather well. Maokai's just a beast. Got one gank early, but the rest was me.
Our bottom lane let tower fall at 9 min, since their Rammus was camping it. They lost out on farming and we ended the game in
relatively easy fashion.

Soraka Support----------Ranked---------------------L--------------0/10/29----------Nope---------16-16-------------47 min
995 (-25). Did pretty well overall until we messed up baron, got it stolen and aced. THEN, gp started running into 5 opponents, running
around in team fights doing nothing, and didn't do any damage for the last 1/3 of the game. Threw the game for us. What a
selfish dude...

Maokai Mid---------------Ranked----------------------L--------------4/6/26------------Some--------16-17--------------49 min
976 (-19). Faced a team with duo mid to start. My team wouldn't send anybody to help from bottom (their 2nd mid - kat - ended up
1/18/9). Then they made me switch completely, so I got so far behind I couldn't catch up for about 10 minutes. Finally did, then
Lee Sin overextended, alternating doing that with WW (our jungler who was awful). Overall, just an awful team minus Graves n me.
We were at 54:38 kills on them at end too. Shows you that they didn't understand the concept that buildings matter...

Evelynn Jungle----------Ranked----------------------L--------------2/3/2--------------No--------------16-18------------25 min
Our 4th pick decided to pick an adc like 5th pick was supposed to get. It was awful. Our bottom lane, top lane and mid all got dominated,
and there wasn't much I could do to gank thanks to them pushing too hard or being dead.

Evelynn Jungle-----------Ranked---------------------L--------------3/3/4--------------Nope---------16-18---------------28 min
I was absolutely terrible for the first 12-13 min. Then, picked it up and went into a frenzy for about 5-7 min. Got to 2/0/3. Malphite was the guy who picked the 2nd adc the game before, and he picked Malphite when the 5th pick had Shen all lined up and spoken for. Two games in a row he failed (this time he dc'd for 8-9 min). Our Diana mid was dying left and right, and in the end my teammates were x/10/x, x/10/x, x/10/x, afk and then there was me at 3/3/4...

Ezrael ADC---------------Normal (D)---------------L----------------6/6/11-------------Nope--------16-19----------------35 min
First time ez since... well probably a year ago. But, didn't get the offensive output as fast as I wanted, paired with Galio. Did just fine, kept their corki to 0/1/2 at 20 or so min. Warded some as an adc, had the output, skillshot with ulti about 3x. Still got work to do. Kassadin and GP did nothing but ping so I had no idea what they were wanting us to do, which got us all killed multiple times.

AP Eve Jungle-----------Normal (D)---------------L----------------9/7/11-------------Yes----------16-20----------------40 min
First off, I did well, ganked early and often. Bottom Ashe/Nunu, Top Riven, Mid Zyra. I didn't run in 1v2 to save tower (and die, might I add), so he raged and swore at me, etc. Riven wouldn't fall back over n over n over again, So I raged a little, but kept carrying the team for the time being. Ended up Ashe 1/10/10, Nunu 1/9/6 or so. Couldn't win if our ADC was too busy dying. I did well, AGAIN, and got a BIG LOSS once more. This is getting old. 6 in a row.

AP Eve Jungle-----------Normal (D)--------------W---------------8/2/7---------------Nope---------17-20----------------25 min
Level 2 gank so I was 1/1/1 at 4 min. But, Pantheon got fed cuz of it, lost top turret at 6:30 (Malphite took smite and didn't jungle for them). Just dominated them throughout the game. Malph went into brush down bottom when he was low hp, I handled him at 6 min. Then I just took off and speed KILLS. Their Morgana was the only good one. Twitch/Sona bottom, Twitch dominated while Sona built AP.

AP Eve Jungle-----------Normal (D)--------------L/AFK----------1/x/1--------------Yup-----------17-21----------------IDK
Our mid failed to protect the bushes between mid and blue. They got in behind and got 3 kills in 2 min. Then, took 1/2 my jungle, so game was over. They're still playing. I'm typing this. Syndra mid was as bad as I've ever seen. Embarrassed that I'm even in the same game as them. I raged like hell cuz of it. HOW DO YOU LET SOMEBODY IN BEHIND IN OUR JUNGLE WHEN PROTECTING???!!!???!!!

Ezrael ADC---------------Normal (D)--------------L-----------------8/7/23-------------Nope---------17-22---------------40 min
Kat mid, I'm paired bottom with Blitz. Nidalee solo tops. Nidalee goes 0/5/9 in 25 min. Malphite jungle does okay, but isn't amazing, and blitz did fine bottom. We are going back n forth on pushing bases n acing, then on their turn to push, our blitz goes top saying "we're about to lose top" they take our mid inhib, kill the 4 of us under our nexus turrets trying to defend them, and blitz comes in and dies. Game. Thanks blitzcrank At least we didn't lose top!

GP Jungle------------------Normal (D)-------------L------------------0/7/3--------------Yup-----------17-23---------------25 min
Our mid Diana had no map awareness. I would ping for some help cuz they had a guy from bottom and the mid AND their jungle chasing into our jungle on the south side of the river, didn't help til I was already dead. So I say no worries please pay attention a little more, and Diana says sure. I go back to jungling, they cleared our jungle, so I try to recover by grabbing what I could, and end up getting back to our blue when it spawns. Bottom's there, but they took mid, bottom AND jungle all to our blue. I had been pinging for Diana (and saying), to come over because it would end up a team fight and bottom+me knew it. Got wrecked. Game. One person on our team had kills til the end game when they were 5 manning turrets.

Taric Support--------------Normal (D)------------L------------------2/13/9------------Yup-------------17-24--------------43 min
Rengar ganked solo 1v2 on orianna/ashe bottom. Corki (my partner bottom) was "lagging" so he got me killed a few times cuz I was trying to save him. Played down to them all game. Then, when we were in team fights, my team would lag behind 3+ seconds so they focused me and i was done before team fight happened. Can't carry as a support.

GP Jungle------------------Normal (D)------------W-----------------2/9/21------------Nope------------18-24-------------40 min
Struggled with KS (as you can tell by my record). Our Tristana jacked me about 10-11 times, the others were team fights. In the end, it was okay, in spite of multiple ks in the last 3 min of the game (about 4).

ADC Corki-----------------Normal (D)-------------W----------------6/2/3--------------Nope-------------19-24-------------20 min Surrender
First blood, double kill at 4 min mark with Alistar bottom. Garen solo'd top vs gp and riven. Mid was our Cass vs Orianna and Shaco jungled. Orianna did nothing but whine the whole game about her team trolling, even when they were only down by 1 turret. I'd have had another 5 or so kills with more experience on Corki with burst etc. Mistimed ulti rockets and misusing my w endlessly. Overall: C+ on my part.

Support Zilean-----------Normal (D)--------------W---------------2/1/4---------------Nope-------------20-24-------------20 min surrender
Had Ashe with me bottom, Amumu jungle, Heimer mid, Xin solo top. Faced Vayne/Janna to start, and dominated. Slowed them or accelerated our Ashe while he slowed them. Their Malphite was jungling, saved Ashe from a gank with wards and once via accel. Got into team fights, got people out or ulti'd on 'em and we would win. They focused me after i hit my ulti on the person they SHOULD have focused, so I died once on last team fight as they surrendered. Grade: A-

ADC Graves--------------Normal (D)--------------L----------------0/7/2----------------Nope-------------20-25-------------26 min surrendered
Looks like I did awful. However, I was 0/0/0 with double their adc's cs up til about 9 min. Leona paired with me and didn't ward early even though Lee Sin was their jungler and had the ability to level 2 gank. Our Mid ended up selling everything for oracle's elixirs. Our WW jungler was what you'd expect from a warwick, 100% awful and got demolished IN and out of the jungle by Lee Sin. They had an afk even for the first 12 min... I didn't play well after they double ganked with mid on bottom. Til then, I was destroying via cs and harass. Our top was 0/5/1 vs soraka... Died 3x in 5 min to Lee Sin. Grade: D

Jungle GP------------------Normal (D)-------------L----------------1/4/3----------------Nope-------------20-26------------31 min surrendered
I don't even know what to say... Top went 0/7 vs xin xhao. I couldn't gank cuz he was 3/0/0 by 5 min, bottom was told I would be ganking as soon as I could get there, pushed and got double killed all before I was more than half there from the fountain. Bottom was a COMBINED 2/12/7. You just can't overcome a 2/19/10 combo of solo top+bottom lane. A new low, I can't believe I got paired with that... THOSE kind of players.

Support Singed----------Normal (D)-------------W----------------3/3/8---------------Nope-------------21-26------------25 min Surrender
Our Draven (ADC) sucked, 0/4/6 in the end, but it was okay since my Skarner jungler was good and our solo top wukong went 10/0/4. Ez mid went ap and hit a couple of nice ultis, but it really came down to tossing, Skarner's ulti and Wu cleaning up.

AP Jungle Eve-----------Normal (D)-------------W-----------------10/6/18-----------Nope------------22-26-------------40 min
25/1 Wukong top again. I didn't do as well as I wanted. They had Nautilus and TF down bottom so it was hard to gank with us being Shen and an awful Sivir. Mid was a roaming Fizz who played well too. Overall just a well played game but they had SO much cc with voli, syndra, WW, nautilus and TF.

ADC Corki-----------------Normal (D)-------------W-----------------1/1/2--------------Nope------------23-26-------------25 min
So we had an auto lock Teemo who insisted his wards were his shrooms apparently. No matter how much I asked he wouldn't get wards. I bought 'em and lagged behind in cs and everything because their nidalee did the bushes spear thing endlessly, even while I wasn't standing still got lucky and hit me. Then ran off when they were on our tower so he could shroom something instead of push 'em off, so I died. Great game from our top and mid again. 3 wins in a row pairing with them seems solid. Teemo players, I hate you because 99.99% of you are so pathetic and awful at this game in general it makes it impossible to play. Grade: C-

Jungle GP----------------Normal (D)--------------W-----------------4/7/12------------Nope------------24-26-------------40 min
Started off well, but our Katarina mid was kinda dumb at times wandering off alone into their jungle and dying. Our support Alistar didn't even buy a ward, he started off with mana manipulator, and wouldn't take advice because he does " NOT KNOW HOW TO SUPPORT" as we found out in game (he said it). But, I couldn't gank bottom lane due to them having it pushed to turret nonstop, and teemo always had flash up to get out of mid. Shen was up top and our Fiora had him on his turret most of the game, or wouldn't go with me when I pinged and said "Ganking top". But, in the end our Katarina carried us cuz of her magic dmg, Alistar came through after the lane phase, and Draven kept stealing my auras when I said "going blue/red" he'd go grab them. Trolled me hard, but we won and it was all that matters. Grade: B-

Jungle GP-----------------Normal (D)-------------L------------------0/4/5--------------Yup---------------24-27--------------xx min
My team was 0/8 after 6 min. 0/4 at 3 min. WTF. I can't come back from that in the jungle. Not over yet, waiting 4 min for surrender :\
Ended up 35:11. IDK how I can even give myself a grade for this match. I didn't even play. Couldn't get out of the jungle before every lane was fed to the point of being unable to gank.

Maokai Support----------Normal (D)------------L-------------------1/2/1--------------Nope-------------24-28-------------20 min surrendered
Our top fed, our mid roamed waaaaaaaaay too much and let their mid out cs them by like 40+. I was paired with an awful ezrael, and they didn't even know how to build... Grade: C+

Alistar Support------------Normal (D)-----------L--------------------1/9/13------------Yup---------------24-29-------------40 min surrendered
First off, our jax didn't even have rageblade at 40 min. Went part of tri force early, then went to gunblade, then some random stuff. IDK what he was thinking. He got DESTROYED by Irelia. My adc was Vayne, a friend of mine was on her and didn't play WELL, but not bad enough to be more than a proportional amount of the loss. I did awful early and moved on up into success. Our Eve was a jungle AD build and was not very good, she overpursued and was seen quite a bit instead of sneaking in. Grade: C

Taric Support---------------Normal (D)----------L--------------------3/8/11-------------Nope-------------24-30-------------40 min surrendered
I started off TERRIBLY, and our Ashe was CLEARLY very inexperienced. I was a little too aggressive thinking she'd be able to output more damage faster, but she didn't. Oh well, so our top, Riven, was an absolute disaster going 4/4/0 and getting ganked over n over with NO wards. Then proceeded to blame us, flame us, and become a toxic player. Oh well, right? yup, Our ziggs was disgustingly good in mid and only died 3x in the whole game with about 8 kills and 6 assists I think. Grade: C

Maokai Support------------Normal (D)----------L--------------------3/7/18------------Nope-------------24-31-------------55 min
Did great for the most part. Graves got fed, but our Shaco jungle was level 5 when we were all 8+. Just didn't work out in the end because our Darius/Shaco just kept running in and dying. Grade: B+

Maokai Support------------Normal (D)----------L---------------------1/2/4-------------Nope-------------24-32-------------20 min surrendered
Our twitch was 2/5/2 bottom lane. I can't protect somebody who will not base or retreat when he's at 20% or under hp. Nothing I could do. I played rather well. Grade: B

Corki ADC--------------------Normal (D)----------W------------------4/6/7--------------Nope--------------25-32-------------47 min
Wow, what a hard fought game. I outfarmed their ez ADC by 203 cs. I had 275. I should have had well over 300 but their Shaco was jungling and I had to help our jungler kill him a couple times. Overall, our Soraka was great 0/2/14 and I did mediocre til mid game. Overall grade: B-

Nocturne Jungle------------Normal (D)----------W-----------------7/3/4---------------Nope--------------26-32------------30 min surrender
Started off by watching our mid get ganked for first blood by pushing past the river at level 2-3. Then, proceeded to ignite swain multiple times to smack down his ulti and 1v1 tank him. Snagged their blue over n over from jungle Lee Sin and dominated the game. Our Rengar top was ridiculous too. Grade: B+

Nocturne Jungle------------Normal (D)---------Leave-------------15/8/11-----------Nope--------------26-32-1----------More than 50 min
Started off getting wrecked bottom lane with a fed Corki. I didn't die, but then had to go top because they were duo topping with a jungler. IDK what was up with that. However, we ended up shaping up the game, but the plans I had suddenly changed and I had no option to switch them. I had to leave at the 52 min mark, and apologized to them, making sure they knew I understood I could be reported and it was fine. Grade: B-

Alistar Support----------------Normal (D)---------L--------------------0/4/0-------------Nope---------------26-33-1----------24 min surrendered
Couldn't get an mia call from our mid who was roaming the jungle for some reason. Our jungle afk/dc'd for 5-6 min early, and nunu/galio ulti at the same time SUCKS bad. I would heal, stun 'em, AND pop summoner spell heal, still die cuz ez would flash AND e into me/dive on turret with nunu's slow and galio's slow. It was pretty much game over from the start. Buddy is still learning vayne and pushes too hard, but getting much better. Tryndamere solo topped, didn't get ganked and died 2x w/o a kill/assist. I failed, but I could have recovered with some help at all. Kat's ulti right after nunu/galio/ez=rough (with no MIAs, and I had wards up all over the place still couldn't get away). Grade: F

Jungle Nocturne-------------Normal (D)--------L--------------------0/3/2--------------Some--------------26-34-1----------25 min surrendered
One guy called mid, then another called mid 2nd. The 2nd one wouldn't back down, so we let him mid just to avoid the problem. Well, that didn't work out. FIRST THING we see when we get into the game: "First time brand, may feed"... So he loses mid, never calls MIAs, and I can't make up for in in spite of first blood assist at level 2. Oh well. Grade: C

Support LuLu-----------------Normal (D)--------W-------------------5/5/16------------Nope---------------27-34-1----------35 min
Started off 0/3/2. Was getting caught out of position, but as I figured out her skills, it made things easier. Started getting away without a problem and increased my ability to handle the support role. Ended up having Hecarim get fed solo top, Nautilus with his cc's in the jungle, and TF mid with Ezrael my adc bottom lane. Saved Ez multiple times and sacrificed to do so. Ended the game playing well. Grade: B-

Jungle Nocturne-------------Normal (D)---------W------------------12/12/18---------Nope---------------27-35-1----------55 min
Our Caitlyn was our adc, and proceeded to go 1/8/5 to start the game. Rengar who solo topped is only a solo player, he didn't team fight for the first 30 min of the game even when pinged, told and let know they were all mid or at a certain place. I messed up 3-4x thinking the team would stay together when we had 4 enemy champs coming at us, and they caught me twice in the jungle late game. But, overall I played mediocre+ and had to sit there while cait bought "Ionic spark" instead of a phantom dancer. Grade for me: C+ Grade for team: F

Jungle Nocturne--------------Normal (D)---------W------------------7/3/6--------------Nope---------------28-35-1----------30 min
Xerath mid, Volibear top, Ashe/Nunu bottom. I ganked the heck out of mid getting xerath and I fed a bit early on, and top didn't have a clue how to play volibear. he was 0/4/2 and the Kennen he was going against was doing nothing but talk ****, so it was nice to beat him. Our ashe was 3/4/7, and then said "1st time Ashe" after. Draft is no place for first time champs. That's blind picks and bot games. However, I got caught ganking/taking out a tower by hecarim, but Kennen joined him at the last second so I couldn't get away. He had to flash to get me though. Grade for team: C-. Grade for me: A-

ADC Corki-----------------------Normal (D)--------L---------------------4/3/6-------------Some--------------28-36-1-----------30 min
First off, our top, Singed, fed. 0/4 at about 11 min to Volibear. Our jungle (his duo queue partner) had to camp top and still didn't help. I had trio queue'd with a friend I knew and (as I found out) his level 20 friend who played Nunu as support for me... Was not good, he didn't know how to ward or where/when/why, etc. I was 1/0/2 with 120 or so cs at 15-16 min. Team: D Me: B

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Jungle Nocturne---------------Normal (D)--------L---------------------2/7/2-------------TOTALLY---------28-37-1------------28 min
Started off okay, then mid got ganked 3x SUPER quick, didn't buy a single ward (ryze) and kept dying. Then would ignore pings letting him know where we needed to be. Nidalee, first thing said "I'm so high, if I feed, that's why". And Singed didn't say a word about facing Teemo other than "he counters me" so I go to gank and he lets me die instead of doing ANYTHING. It was over at about 10 min. I didn't even try after that. I flamed them so hard cuz I have had it. I waited 15 min to get into the game with dodges etc, and then when I do, I get THAT kind of team. Ezrael did fine, but the rest were USELESS. Team: F. Me: D

Leona Support------------------Ranked------------L---------------------2/12/7-----------Nope---------------28-38-1-------------35 min
I bombed it. Their alistar had ignite, which got me 3x early with heal doing jack ****, and then draven exhausted, killing me. So, I messed the game up and LeBlanc (our mid) got ganked 2x in mid in the first 5 min, then tried to say thanks for feeding them all so we lost. lol. Team grade: F. My grade: F

Corki ADC------------------------Normal (D)-------W--------------------3/4/8-------------Nope---------------29-38-1-------------30 min
Didn't deserve the win. We had 5, they had 4, they surrendered when we had no towers outside of base left and they had 3. My Alistar support kept taking cs from me, so I ended at about 112... Our singed tossed their cho on top of me 2x to get his ulti off on me for a kill (1/2 of my hp+ typically), and our Diana/Singed kept pushing so hard with our Amumu that they'd get ganked HARD. Overly aggressive morons. At least I played well, considering. Team: D- Me: B-

ADC Corki-------------------------Normal (D)------W---------------------8/6/14----------Yup-----------------30-38-1--------------50 min
Wow. Where do I start? Such awful teammates. Our Teemo ended up carrying us, but he said "jungle" and locked Teemo. Last second switched smite to exhaust and said he does what he wants. THEN, proceeded to steal my cs for the first 4+ min of the game, so I head top, he goes top. Then late game he does not participate in team fights and gets the others killed by us assuming he would be fighting too when he's STANDING RIGHT THERE. So, then Talon does the same thing and leaves me out to dry. Just an overall absolute typical LOW ELO game. Team: D- Me: B+

Karthus Mid---------------------Normal (D)--------L----------------------9/10/11---------Nope----------------30-39-1-------------40 min
Lee sin jungle didn't get a kill til almost 20 min (17:40). Got ganked twice, but both times I should have gotten away and was 100% my fault. Then our Ez went straight tri force when they were SUPER squishy bottom lane, and our Soraka was useless. She built the mana aura stuff when there were 3-4 other options that were better. Also, our Singed went 1/5/0 top in 20 min. Overall awful game. Team: D Me: C+

ADC Sivir-----------------------Normal (D)---------W---------------------3/1/3------------Nope----------------31-39-1--------------25 min
Had a Portuguese only speaking player. Then, after 10 minutes of randomly asking if they were capable of speaking English or Spanish (Asked in both languages), went off on me calling me this and that cuz he was "on skype with so n so" who were in game with me. I don't get the rationality for refusing to communicate when you have the FULL capability of doing so... Hrmph. Oh well, at least he did well in mid as Kat. Sona bottom with me did fine and Kha ganked once for us. We warded at level 1 and Skarner tried to gank us at 1/2 hp. We killed him, then he afk'd. Team: B-, Me: B+

Jungle Maokai---------------Normal (D)----------W---------------------3/8/29----------Nope----------------32-39-1--------------45 min
Started off well, but Akali mid didn't understand what a team fight was, and after asking her politely multiple times to do something other than stay in mid and cs (after being dominated early by Karthus), and was flamed something terrible for it. So, after realizing she wouldn't team fight or assist me in any way on ganks etc, we pushed alternating lanes, got aced (I don't count Akali as on my team anymore in spite of 33 kills in the end), and they pushed up TO our base all lanes. It became a focus fire competition and we had none for the most part, then we caught a break and had them down long enough for me to tank a couple of towers for us and get some inhibs down. It was just a matter of time from there. Ezrael started using racist terms, and I had to report him for that, and akali for verbal abuse.

Top Singed--------------------Ranked--------------L----------------------0/5/0------------Nope----------------32-40-1----------------20 min surrender
I couldn't do anything but lag all game with 30 ping. I don't know what the problem was, my ping wasn't skyrocketing and my frames rate was steady at 15-20. Our Lee Sin ignored my mia and pings, so he got ganked in the jungle at level 2. Totally destroyed. He went 0/8/3, with 0/2/0 in the first 3 min. To start, they invaded and smacked our blitz in the bushes by dragon, even though we pinged for him not to go there. I don't know how to give myself a grade when I didn't even see champs around me when I died 3/5 times. Team: F. Me: F due to lag.

ADC Tristana-----------------Normal (D)---------L----------------------4/4/2-------------Nope----------------32-41-1----------------20 min surrender
Support singed went with me bottom. Was 0/5/3 when I was 4/2/0. He didn't understand what not face checking was, nor did he know how to fall back. Our Teemo (Panda skin, btw) said "1900 ELO ranked" and when I looked him up, he was 2W-3L ranked total. He then went 0/3/0 in 5 min solo top. Our jax jungle ran into 3v1s over and over again, chased with Teemo and always died. Ended 3/6/2. Nothing I could have done to carry THAT kind of team. Team: F Me: C

Jungle Amumu---------------Ranked------------L------------------------0/4/1-------------Some--------------32-42-1----------------20 min surrender
How do you go 0/5/0 as Ashe with an Alistar? The answer: When alistar chases 1/2 the map and goes 1/5/0 himself. How do you lose a ranked game? Go 7:19 kills:kills ratio with your opponent. We were down 18:2 at one point. I was jungling Amumu, and top had pushed the hell out of the lane without a ward, I ping him, he dies due to gank 15 seconds later. I can't gank when all 3 lanes are pushed and they all die. Oh well. More ELO hell on the way. Guess that's what I get for getting stuck in a non carry role. Team: F Me: C

ADC Tristana-----------------Ranked------------L------------------------3/7/6-------------Totally-------------32-43-1-----------------40 min surrendered
Had an afk that got pissy and stood in base after the jungle took blue. Then talked about football and acted like a jerk. So my record doesn't even count against me IMO. Grade: F Me: C-

ADC Ezrael-------------------Ranked------------L------------------------4/9/7-------------Nope---------------32-44-1-----------------35 min
My buddy played Sona support and walked into Blitzcrank's grab 4x for 4 deaths. He suddenly stopped playing well when he came to ranked again lol. Oh well, at least he recovered. But, our jungle gave up first blood by standing in the bushes by their turret (they were bottom, we were top team). Their jungle came up behind him cuz he was standing there for a good 30-40 seconds instead of hurrying along. So, first blood, double kill, triple kill game. Ended up where our Jungle was awful and got caught 3-4x with 3-4v1. Grade: D- Me: D

ADC Caitlyn------------------Ranked------------L-------------------------4/6/8------------Nope---------------32-45-1-----------------40 min
Maokai didn't say a word, picked a jungle champ, with no smite and said he was support AFTER we got in game. Alistar ended up jungling. Maokai got ganked multiple times in spite of me (as ADC) doing a small bit of warding/warning/alerting. He afk'd at 17 min. Game over. 4v5 we couldn't defeat them. I was 3/2/4 before the afk. Team (-maokai): B Me: B

ADC Tristana----------------Ranked------------L--------------------------x/x/x------------Nope---------------32-46-1-----------------xx min
IDK why, but every single game there's massive trolls. Alistar went 0/4 in 8 min. I went 1/1/1 in 10 min. Start was a big team fight with NO focus and we got effectively aced. YAY. Then they wouldn't surrender in spite of the fed Draven at 3 min and our awful support and top. Team: F. Me: D

ADC Kog'maw--------------Ranked------------L--------------------------1/3/5------------Nope----------------32-47-1----------------30 min
Our jungle malphite didn't gank bottom. Ever. We were on our turret and he told us he couldn't gank cuz we pushed the lane. I'm not even sure what the hell he was talking about. Our GP top did nothing but chase, chase, and chase some more. He kept getting lucky cuz Soraka would ulti for JUST him. So, Grade: D- Me: C+

ADC Kog'Maw-------------Ranked-------------W-------------------------8/9/12---------Nope----------------32-48-1-----------------35 min
Started off awful. They had Brand/Taric bottom. We had myself and MF. The meta's been thrown out the window at 767 ELO. Started off 1/5, got up to 4/5 and on from there. I did awful early, got into the groove of things later on. Team: B Me: C-

ADC Kog'Maw-------------Ranked-------------W-------------------------10/8/12-------Nope-----------------33-48-1------------------50 min
Dominated. Fiora jungle kept going solo, and I'd have to bail her out. However, at about the 40 min mark, I got an unofficial Pentakill. We aced them, but I got ks'd on one and got the last guy to 40 hp with my passive. Leona got her after a minute, but still. Unofficial penta for the first time ever ain't bad. Mid did meh as Evelynn, and our solo top was drunk (self proclaimed) Talon. he did awful, and died a lot, but oh well. Grade: C Me: B+

Mid Cassiopeia-----------Ranked-------------L----------------------------4/3/0--------Nope------------------33-49-1-------------------25 min
Our bottom lane would push too hard, get ganked, yell at the jungler for not ganking. I never got a gank mid, but ganked top 2x and it went well minus the bottom lane. Team: C Me: B

Bottom APC---------------Ranked-------------L----------------------------1/10/3------Totally----------------33-50-1-------------------45 min
We had a Caitlyn go mid as first pick. Was downhill from there. Lux went "APC" after I picked the apc to switch from mid to bottom lane. So I got screwed on CS. But, I didn't play well either. I failed my job in the end, partly due to our Lux taking so many cs to start the game, couldn't ramp up. But, I died a lot. Team: D- Me: D

Top Fizz--------------------Normal (D)---------W-----------------------------3/6/8------Nope-------------------33-51-1-------------------idk
Left the game. Our Jax was like "I don't need smite" and then never ganked. Camped bottom where they were fine. I was facing Olaf and got my face stomped. Bad matchup, and our Draven didn't like to be near a team fight, our Soraka did nothing but ***** at 0/4/3. Somehow, we ended up soloing each of them out as we went and then baron'd, then they surrendered. Team: C. Me: D-

ADC Kog'Maw------------Normal (D)---------W-----------------------------4/5/6------Nope-------------------34-51-1-------------------35 min
Didn't die hardly at all (once) til team fights. Then, they focused the HELL out of me. Our Nidalee mid went AD (wtf?) and destroyed them. Their Jungle Mundo went 1/12/5 or so. It was hardly a game at all. I just messed around. I had IE at 16 min and didn't care. Grade: B. Me: B

Darius Top-----------------Normal (D)---------W------------------------------3/2/1-----Nope-------------------35-51-1-------------------25 min
Started off by out csing their Dr. Mundo by a ton. Ended up anytime he popped his ulti, I ignited and got a kill or better. Got a double on Mundo/Nunu jungle with Jarvan 4's help from our jungle. Utter mayhem. Double ulti ftw. Gragas ended up getting me twice, but he's somebody I don't know how to play against. Mid did okay, bottom started out feeding pretty hard, but it was a 1:1 or a 3:2 ratio in favor of them, then they got cocky and got destroyed. Kept top warded the whole game without a problem so I never got ganked. Team: B Me: B

Darius Top-----------------Normal (D)----------L-------------------------------1/4/0-----Nope------------------35-52-1--------------------21 min
Started off okay. Still trying to get the balance of how to not push the lane with his q. Ended up getting me ganked twice. However, that was in 10:00. I didn't even see my WW the whole game. Was facing a Tryndamere and a Mundo. I was demolishing Trynd on cs and on harass, but didn't have a ward up for a minute and mundo capitalized. Then went to our jungle and bent WW over. Team: D Me: F

ADC Kog'Maw-----------Normal (D)----------L---------------------------8/11/13------Nope------------------35-53-1---------------------50 min
Started off by Kayle taking cs for the first 10 min of the game and saying "I'm not support" in spite of him picking the role of support in the lobby. Then warded once during the laning phase (I had to ward 5-6x just to prevent ganks), and he got ganked over n over again (blaming me, of course, for not running in without wards and no sights on olaf jungle). Our TF mid was mediocre, our Malphite top was raging like crazy, and yelling about something. I ended up with 3/5ths on ignore. Tryndamere (jungle) ran into their jungle 5-6x and got 2-5v1'd every time. Then went to kill dragon while they were in our base. Team: D Me: C

Nocturne Jungle--------Normal (D)----------L---------------------------6/15/18-----Yup--------------------35-54-1--------------------1 hour
Wasted time. The team came back, but our Tristana (ADC) was 2/13/7 before a triple near the end. She didn't have more than 1 assist for 30 minutes... They had their Darius do the role of ADC. Our Ziggs got ganked 3x in mid in the first 10 min by Rengar. I got destroyed early, and never did recover. Happens when they catch me in the jungle after taking our red and being fed. I should have been smarter than to get caught by fed champs in the jungle. Team: D- Me: D+

Eve Jungle---------------Normal (D)----------W---------------------------13/6/9------Nope-------------------36-54-1--------------------35 min
Started off ganking at about 7 min. Kinda slow, but accel'd through the next 8 levels easily. their khaz got caught off guard 5-6x due to my stealth. Easy. Team: B Me: B+

Darius top---------------Normal (D)-----------L-----------------------------2/4/1------Nope--------------------36-55-1--------------------23 min
Started the game with Olaf as support with flash/clarity, and his duo partner Graves with flash/clarity. Knew it was over when they said "We know what we're doing". Malphite didn't do well in the jungle either. Our mid started 1/4 and their Diana ended up 10/1/4 or so cuz of it. Such an awesome team. I didn't do awful up top, but I did die twice taking 1-2 with me. Team: F Me: C

Darius Top--------------Normal (D)-----------L-----------------------------10/6/2-------Nope--------------------36-56-1--------------------45 min
Got fed vs Shyvana early. 8/2/0, then my team took over. They really handed this one to them. Skarner jungle started 0/3/0 in 12 min or so. Our mid, Gragas, was average at best and chased with our Caitlyn a LOT. Support Nunu was like "my ulti don't do any dmg wtf" (they all had a lot of MR...). I can't believe how badly it got turned around after such an awesome start. Team: D Me: B+

Darius Top--------------Normal (D)----------L------------------------------0/6/2---------Nope--------------------36-57-1--------------------idk
Screwed the pooch here. Caught me off guard multiple times. Their ww avoided my wards like a boss. Oh well, we all have off games. Team: IDK Me: F

Darius Top--------------Normal (D)----------W-----------------------------15/3/16-----Nope--------------------37-57-1--------------------45 min
Started off 8/2/2. Then got ks'd 11x in a row . Finally went off for an unofficial quadra (GA popped and I got back up in time to get a kill, then they got me since it was 2v5 and my team didn't notice at all). They were whining about me saying "stop" when they ks'd me the first time big time in fights. They went on about it for about 10 minutes. Finally I mentioned it again cuz I went from 8/2/2 to 10/2/13... Why don't you want your fed champ to get even more ridiculous? Protip: Executioner's Calling Vs Voli=gg, found that out over his free week. Team: C Me: A

Top Darius--------------Normal (D)----------L-------------------------------4/8/2--------Nope--------------------37-58-1---------------------40 min
Well, Nunu wouldn't come up top no matter how I asked him to gank/help me with Garen. I just couldn't handle him and then when he did come up he died due to their jungler+garen seeing him from a mile away, chased him down and dove the tower. He was 0/5/0. Bottom got destroyed, mid was 0/5/0. Team: F Me: C-

Support Karma-------Normal (D)----------W------------------------------2/9/26-------Nope-------------------38-58-1--------------------45 min
I don't know how we won the game, to be honest. My graves wouldn't even hit the enemy champs til level 5+ and got out harassed the whole lane phase. BUT, heal+karma's mantra=win these days it looks like (I know I'll get flamed for it, but I think she's good). Team: C Me: B+

Darius Top-------------Normal (D)----------W-------------------------------7/7/4--------Nope-------------------39-58-1--------------------35 min
Started off dying due to a dive and our mid (Gragas) behind in their bush beyond the first tower, and he just stood there instead of helping me kill Garen. Got him and died as well. Then ended up their Irelia was afk off and on. Our Lulu was afk 90% of the game due to "windows 8" problems. Team: C Me: C

Darius Top--------------Normal (D)---------W-------------------------------5/7/11-------Nope------------------40-58-1---------------------40 min
Couldn't get a single gank from Skarner jungle. Oh well, still recovered and dominated like always. There's nothing about the team that was positive from what I saw. The teemo was support, and always went solo, died endlessly cuz of his solo stupidity, the Fizz was a jerk about things, and the opponent mundo appeared with speed similar to Nocturne's ultimate on the first gank. My fault on the 2nd one, but still it's something that made me wary.

Darius Top--------------Normal (D)----------L--------------------------------1/8/6---------Nope------------------40-59-1---------------------40 min
I was balls. Plain and simple. Jax outplayed, out harrassed, outdid me in general. Our Nautilus would run in mid game after they did Baron and be like "I AM TANK" when I asked why. I played so awfully. I mentioned it, but need to keep doing it cuz it was THAT freaking bad. SO bad. Team: D. Me: F----

NUMBER ONE HUNDRED (excluding my leave)
ADC Kog'Maw---------Normal (D)---------W-------------------------------16/3/7-------Nope------------------41-59-1----------------------35 min
Absolutely annihilated them. I was 11/0 before I died. Their Tristana/Taric weren't bad, I just was able to out cs them and capitalize early with heal and soraka's abilities heal/mana. Ended up with 2 quadra kills. Almost a penta, but my team kept after tower instead of jayce Oh well. I'd say quadras are still nice. Team: B+ Me: A

ADC Kog'Maw---------Normal (D)---------W--------------------------------4/5/9-------Nope------------------42-59-1-----------------------47 min
Started off with an Amumu as support, but didn't want to play support (he wanted to "tank" as amumu and wasn't jungle). Turned out he was a feeding troll. After getting philosopher's stone, he sold everything off and bought 30 mana pots. Then fed. He went 0/23/6. We still won because Jayce dominated their Swain top. That's really the only reason. I couldn't get off the ground because my lane was fed early and had no way to really recover from that. he was 0/6 lane.

Top Singed--------------Normal (D)---------W--------------------------------4/4/16-----Nope------------------43-59-1-----------------------35 min
They had an afk. We would have been DESTROYED if they had all five. I was vs Shyvana top, and our Evelynn jungle kept diving on her early so she was 4/1/2 and Eve was 2/3/1. She was ad and triforce, but didn't really know how to play her well enough. Our MF always pushed super hard and died a lot, and our Ryze called MIAs late typically, and didn't know when to fall back. I played rather well, but Shyv's a rough matchup for me. Team: C- Me: B

Alistar Support---------Normal (D)---------W--------------------------------3/3/28-----Some----------------44-59-1------------------------40 min
Started off by having Miss Fortune be unable to effectively last hit for cs, let the enemy champs get away with under 50 hp each, and ended up dying 13 times for being waaaaaaaay too aggressive. Our mid, Ryze was solid, our top Pantheon destroyed Swain, and jungle Eve was pretty terrible. I tanked turrets and their team all day for the team and kept 'em healed, like I should. Played rather well. Team: C Me: B+

Kog'Maw ADC---------Normal (D)----------W--------------------------------1/0/4------Nope-----------------45-59-1------------------------23 min
They had their jungle afk after getting destroyed on a fail gank. It was pretty much just domination after that due to the afk. Team: B Me: B

Evelynn Jungle--------Normal (D)----------W--------------------------------6-1-5------Nope-----------------46-59-1-------------------------30 min
Started out with a failed gank bottom due to them ignoring me completely and not fighting at all. Kog'Maw went 0/3/7 as adc and got ganked by their mid/jungle combo 2x even though I pinged it. Diana was mid and did pretty well, but made some pretty dumb mistakes. Luckily, they didn't cost us anything big. Their Shen jungle was terrible because I led him into my team a couple times when he tried to gank me in the jungle. Team: C+ Me: A

Alistar Support---------Normal (D)---------W--------------------------------1/3/16-----Nope----------------47-59-1--------------------------30 min
Started off paired with ez in lane, he rushed a tri force, when he could have had IE early and dominated since they didn't have ANY armor at all in lane (I get TF is better in lane than IE, but he was fed enough that laning ended right around 12 min). Mid was Eve, she made a lot of mistakes but our Amumu jungle and I bailed her out a number of times. I only died under my turret on triple or quadra dives. But, our Xin top dominated the whole game. Their Garen jungled and didn't gank til around 11-12 min. He was strong, but nothing we couldn't handle with all that cc (xin, amumu, alistar). Team: B Me: A-

Kog'Maw ADC----------Normal (D)---------W--------------------------------19/15/20--Yes------------------48-59-1--------------------------70 min
I started with Lulu support in my lane. She didn't ward but once, then built pure tank (mogs, GA, etc). She would also be at the forefront of the bush closest to their tower and get 2v1'd while I was back csing. Then she'd come back, last hit some of my stuff and then go. I started 1/4 thanks to her, and the other members of my team were possibly premade with her because they said she was fine (bwahahahaha @ that). So our Nocturne jungle did okay, but ulti'd into the mid of 4-5 of 'em multiple times. Oh well, Jayce top and Karthus mid acted like children when I told Lulu off. Team: D- Me: C

Alistar Support----------Normal (D)--------L-----------------------------------0/11/8---TOTALLY-----------48-60-1--------------------------30 min
Started off with Draven not csing at all. Only tried to harass, and it was twitch/kogmaw bottom lane we were facing. Then he afk'd at about 10 min after 1/3. I played down to him TERRIBLY. Then, our top had 0 map awareness. I warded with purples and he kept pushing in spite of teemo sitting there alone and shrooms around him. Oh well, can't win 'em all. LeBlanc mid had a great game (11/2 til afk), and we couldn't win with a 40 cs in 10 min adc. Team: D- Me: F

Jungle Shen-------------Normal (D)--------W-----------------------------------2/2/5-----Nope-----------------49-60-1---------------------------~30 min
Just played okay. Nothing special, but still got the job done (first time Shen after I've owned him). Team: B. Me: C+

Alistar Support---------Normal (D)---------W----------------------------------0/6/24----Nah-------------------50-60-1---------------------------~35 min
Started off with an awful laning Ezrael and a feeding Teemo. Then, they got 2 afk's due to them getting owned by us. It was kinda odd, but we got them down and they afk'd. Team: D+ Me: C+

Nunu Support-----------Normal (D)---------W----------------------------------2/10/24--Some----------------51-60-1----------------------------1 hour
Started off with Varus being stupid, gave up first blood by running into bushes bottom solo, they burned ignite and flash to get him. Then it didn't get better for Varus, he ventured off endlessly and never really got fed enough to help. Luckily, Hecarim jungle was a beast, I was beast, Olaf top was okay+ and Brand was better than average. They were pushing our base while our minions were taking down their nexus. Game. Team: B. Me: B

Eve Jungle---------------Normal (D)---------L-----------------------------------3/9/8------------------------------51-61-1-----------------------------40 min
Started off with a 1/8/4 bot (all 8 kills were by adc). Lost game cuz of it. Oh well. Tried to gank top at 5 min and singed ignored me, but got me killed at the same time. So, moving on, team was awful but mid was okayish in spite of chasing. I couldn't have changed the game no matter what I did. Team: D Me: B

Eve Jungle----------------Normal (D)--------W----------------------------------6/3/22----------------------------52-61-1-----------------------------40 min
Started with Brand not leashing me or protecting, so I was WAY behind. Level 3 when others were 5-6. Caught back up via multiple assists on top, Then Graves/Sona started lagging HARD and kept dying, almost throwing the game. Lack of focus made it go so long (Focusing nunu and volibear=bad). Ended up pushing hard, they accused me of ksing with "no dmg" when I had dfg etc and was destroying them. Team: C Me: B+

Alistar Support----------Normal (D)--------W----------------------------------1/1/11----------------------------53-61-1-----------------------------35 min
They just couldn't harass us (MF+me) as Corki and Sona. Mid Anivia ganked once, but was awful overall, getting caught solo a few times. Top was Teemo who wasn't great, but wasn't like most Teemos. Skarner from the jungle helped us take 'em down while we were pushing 'em up away from their tower with my knockback and MF's aoe circle cc. Took dragon 3 times and just dominated. I only died due to the last tick of ignite in a team fight and was OOM so I couldn't hit e to save myself. Team: B Me: A

Kog'Maw ADC-----------Normal (D)--------L------------------------------------5/9/4-----------------------------53-62-1-----------------------------30 min
Just awful. Got destroyed in general. Team: F Me: D

Mundo Jungle------------Normal (D)--------L------------------------------------1/4/3-----------------------------53-63-1-----------------------------30 min
Just got annihilated. 1/10/0 top. Then dominated everybody. Team: C Me: C (Top: F---------)

Mundo Jungle------------Normal (D)--------L-------------------------------------5/4/5----------------------------53-64-1------------------------------28 min
Mid went 1/6/4, then couldn't team fight for ANYTHING no matter what we did. I stayed alive for days mid team fights, but lack of focus loses games. Team: D Me: B

Support Maokai---------Normal (D)--------W------------------------------------0/1/5----------------------------54-64-1-----------------------------22 min
They got an afk, we dominated, and not even worth describing. Team: B Me: B

Alistar Support-----------Normal (D)--------L-------------------------------------3/10/17------------------------54-65-1------------------------------40 min
Started off with team down 0:3 thanks to Kat not guarding in bushes. They got into us because of her and destroyed us. Then, she proceeded to get annihilated, and they'd triple and quadruple dive bottom. Team: D Me: C-

Zilean Support------------Normal (D)--------W------------------------------------0/3/7---------------------------55-65-1-------------------------------30 min
Had multiple trolls, so I went Zilean Promote/Revive. Our "adc" twitch went 0/3/0 and didn't do ANYTHING bottom. I kept the lane from being taken down at all. Jax/GP duo topped cuz Jax couldn't accept he didn't call top and started swearing and asking "U mad?" etc. Odd how it was an Aussie. I rarely come across ******bag Aussie players. Team: B (F cuz of idiocy), Me: B

Eve Jungle------------------Normal (D)-------L-------------------------------------4/8/9-----------------------------55-66-1------------------------------30 min+
Wow. Just wow. I was 6/1/3 through 20 min. Then, kat/GP threw the game. Lovely. Now I have 8 deaths and sitting in game doing nothing cuz they fed once team fights hit. Oh well, baddies will be bad. So pathetic I have to get paired with people who lose their lanes, push when I say I'm ganking AND ping, and throw games. Oh well. Team: F. Me: B+

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Mundo Jungle--------------Normal (D)-------L-------------------------------------2/3/1------------------------------55-67-1------------------------------30 min
Wow. My bottom and mid were just ridiculously bad. I couldn't handle both lanes simultaneously. Never a single MIA call or a ping. Fail. Team: F. Me: C

Alistar Support------------Normal (D)-------W-----------------------------------1/7/23----------------------------56-67-1-------------------------------45 min
Started the game with their cait at 3/1/2 cuz nobody protected blue for our jungler with any intelligence. Didn't guard above (We were on bottom) the blue golem, only from the bushes to the east of the golem. Got aced. Eventually, we came back thanks to their cait being absolutely awful at pushing us/the lane bot. MF and I didn't get pushed hardly at all. In the end, game shifted from almost a guaranteed loss to a win in 5-10 min. Team: D Me: C-

Nunu Support--------------Normal (D)-------W-----------------------------------0/6/20----------------------------57-67-1------------------------------50 min
Twitch and I bottom, Viktor mid and Olaf top with Lee Sin jungle. Lee sin whined about calling mid 2nd and so he died to start the game in the jungle to red golems. He was 1/7/1 at one point, finished 1/9/11. Olaf was up top and was 0/3 to garen, but Garen's a beast vs Olaf without any kind of ganks. Their Mundo was just awful at jungling, and he didn't gank til LATE (8 min+). Viktor dominated mid, we controlled dragon, then he afk'd cuz his comp crashed. Came back and we pushed n won. We had our inhibitor (mid) down before he got back, thought we'd lose. Team; C. Me: C+

Zilean Support-------------Normal (D)--------W----------------------------------0/4/7-----------------------------58-67-1-------------------------------25 min
I don't even know how we won.

Kog'Maw ADC-------------Normal (D)---------L-----------------------------------4/9/8-----------------------------58-68-1-------------------------------35 min
Had a guy go afk. Nothing more.

Mundo Jungle--------------Normal (D)---------W----------------------------------8/8/8----------------------------59-68-1--------------------------------50 min
Took care of business, in spite of losing bottom and moderately lost mid. Team: C Me: C

Kog'Maw ADC-------------Normal (D)---------W----------------------------------7/1/5----------------------------60-68-1---------------------------------45 min
Absolutely destroyed bottom, in spite of Anivia having no clue what's going on and trolling by picking a mid, and having 2 mids (both trolls due to pick order, and refusal to adjust) for the first 10 min. Just couldn't be out harassed thanks to DAT ULTI. Team: C- Me: A

Mundo Jungle--------------Normal (D)---------L-----------------------------------6/8/11---------------------------60-69-1---------------------------------40 min
Utterly destroyed as jungle, but mid and bottom got destroyed. Ez went 2/4 to start the game, ended with 5/9/23 and a whole 170 cs, and then nobody stuck with me on team fights. They also had no focus. Team: D Me: B

Zilean Support--------------Normal (D)--------W----------------------------------0/1/1-----------------------------61-69-1---------------------------------23 min surrender
Solid overall. We destroyed lane (Me+Twitch) vs Alistar and Ezrael. The bomb nerfed Alistar's heal since i perpetually warded and bombed is all just about. Ulti saved the day multiple times, we started roaming at around 12 min, take 3 towers and they surrendered at 23 min.

Mundo Jungle---------------Normal (D)--------W----------------------------------5/4/9-----------------------------62-69-1---------------------------------idk
Just handled business. I can't remember exact details (Been lagging on keeping this up).

Alistar Support-------------Normal (D)---------L-----------------------------------0/4/4-----------------------------62-70-1----------------------------------30 min
Faced a blitz who went ap and my sivir adc didn't use his spinning blade hardly at all to harass. Vayne destroyed us. It was gg at 10 min.

Mundo Jungle---------------Normal (D)--------L------------------------------------1/0/1-----------------------------62-71-1----------------------------------25 min
Windows update decided I needed to restart my comp on the loading screen and took 20 min to get reloaded cuz of installations. Our Riven was also afk, so I got back and game was over. Crappy deal

Mundo Jungle---------------Normal (D)--------W-----------------------------------7/1/2-----------------------------63-71-1----------------------------------22 min
Started off 6/0/1. Their Sejuani got caught by me counterjungling 2-3x and just got DESTROYED. Their mid, who I had played with a few days ago and fed, fed again (Katarina). She was AWFUL, and I dominated the game. Top destroyed Darius with Jayce, even after nerfs. It was gg at 9-10 min.

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I feel ya man, every game has a story...

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I feel ya man, every game has a story...

Precisely why I'm doing this. People want to complain about things without proof. Time for proof. I openly admit when I screwed up (in the notes).

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It's always fun when you get 2 games in a row with a guy who's a moron and doesn't communicate, doesn't pick who he should, and is next to last pick both times which messes EVERYTHING up. Lovely. 0-2 tonight.

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Trying to bust into some ADC roles when I'm in the 4th-5th pick now. Entertaining.

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FINALLY!!! Got a WIN!!!

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Too late. Guess that was short lived. Our mid didn't protect whatsoever, they got 5 in behind us in jungle protect and lost. so pathetic.