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Stop reporting for feeding when the person only has 3 deaths

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title says it all, clearly if someone died 3 times over a forty minute game they were not intentionally feeding. Also if someone is getting owned in a lane, they are not intentionally feeding. stop reporting people for these things then in your comment say bad player. i wish i could report you for falsely reporting. they have an unskilled player report feature use that instead

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People choose Intentional Feeding because they know it will push people into the Tribunal faster where they will probably be punished for saying something innocuous like "gg noobs" or "bg" in a different game.

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someone can be 5/0 when they decide to feed, and then intentionally feed 3 kills.
So, it is not about the score, it is about the reasons behind the deaths. If it is because they are noob, had a bad day, aren't good with that champ or just got outplayed, then they can die 20 or more times and it isn't punishable.

If it is because they are mad, they want to ruin someone's game or just doing it to "troll", then the first death is already ban worthy.

I always give the example of one case I got, Darius was ksing ALL the kills with his ult, at some point someone ask him to leave some kills for the team.

Darius then says he will leave the kills to the other team and feeds 5 times.

he finishes 15/8 and says "you noob team, I can even feed 5 kills and still am positive and you all are negative"

so yeah, it is not about the score.