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One suggestion.

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I've read cases in the tribunal and i've given my opinion. However, all cases have many matches with different reasons for reporting (spam, verbal abbuse, intentionally feeding, etc). Many times, the reported player is guilty of spam, verbal abbuse or whatever but he isn't guilty of all charges.
In my opinion it's unfair that a vote (pardon or punish) sinthesize a judgment for different charges.
One suggestion is to group only reports containing the same charge. Thus, the vote to punish or pardon will be fairer.

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The Tribunal isn't about whether the accused is guilty of the report type. It's about whether the accused is guilty of violating the Summoner's Code.

People can make mistakes while reporting, including the selection of wrong report type in the post game screen.

The current Tribunal system is designed to improve the chance that the violation is punished correctly even if the reporter clicked the wrong report type, because that is the fair thing to do for victims of Code violators.