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Tips : fast and accurate judgement

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This thread is to share with others the tricks we learned in Tribunal to vote quickly and correctly on cases.

Here are mine :

1 - For all cases, I look through reports to see if there are "verbal abuse / offensive language" or "negative attitude" reasons because they're usually the most obvious - and therefor easiest - behavior to punish. I scroll and look for insults or harassment.

2 - If some verbal abuse is found, I make sure that the insults are directed toward other players or hurting someone. I do not punish if someone says something like "**** I died again" or "how idiot was that" but I do when it looks like "**** you idiot you died again"

3 - If the cases contain only reports for intentionnal feeding and assisting ennemy team, I scroll for the game that has the most reports and look into the chat log to find some evidence like "ok ashe prepare to get fed" or "nautilus at golem".

4 - If there's no such evidence, I look at the creep score, the kill/death/assist and the items of the players. If the player has very low assist and creep score and owns items that are obviously not appropriate (multiple wards or boots, no defensive nor offensive items, etc.), I assume that there's a big chance he has been feeding.