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Why is there some cases where only one case is there

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It makes no sense to just have one case, because you get **** like this. A person who in no way should be in tribunal

Person reported Swain, offensive language by two teammates

The fact this person even made it to the tribunal is a joke

Singed[00:00:48] :wtf
Ashe[00:01:25] :stop
Ashe[00:01:26] :please
Singed[00:01:28] :noob
Ashe[00:01:42] :say what you want, I don't care
Singed[00:01:42] :wtf u doing?
Xin Zhao[00:02:05] :?????????
Swain[00:02:07] :hill learn
Singed[00:02:08] :nooooooooooooooooooooooooob
Singed[00:02:24] :u fed
Singed[00:02:37] :e
Singed[00:02:48] :come top
Singed[00:03:08] :come top!
Xin Zhao[00:03:13] :ashe
Xin Zhao[00:03:19] :what are u doing
Jax[00:03:38] :wtf
Jax[00:03:39] :**** this
Jax[00:03:40] :ashe
Jax[00:03:42] :get the **** out
Jax[00:03:42] :noob
Jax[00:03:43] :u ****ing
Jax[00:03:44] :trash
Jax[00:03:54] :ASHE
Jax[00:03:55] :**** OFF
Jax[00:03:56] :OR I REPORT
Jax[00:04:05] :THAT'S RIGHT
Jax[00:04:06] :**** OFF
Jax[00:04:07] :CUNRT
Jax[00:04:09] :*****
Jax[00:05:53] :TROLL
Jax[00:05:54] :FCKER
Jax[00:06:05] :F*CK
Jax[00:06:06] :OFF
Jax[00:06:07] :ASHE
Ashe[00:06:17] :fine, you tell me what to do then
Jax[00:06:21] :LEAVE
Jax[00:06:22] :THE GAME
Jax[00:06:23] :PLAY AGAINST
Jax[00:06:24] :BOTS
Ashe[00:06:35] :how about no
Jax[00:06:39] :omg
Jax[00:06:41] :ur rerpoted
Jax[00:06:43] :reported
Jax[00:06:44] :then
Ashe[00:06:51] :for what, exactly
Singed[00:06:52] :we lose
Swain[00:06:53] :for what(im just asking)
Singed[00:07:06] :so noob she
Jax[00:07:07] :....
Jax[00:07:08] :harassment
Singed[00:08:36] :dont play plz ashe
Swain[00:08:40] :what do you want him to do
Jax[00:08:44] :ASHE
Jax[00:08:46] :DON'T PLAY
Jax[00:08:47] :I WANT
Jax[00:08:48] :YOU
Jax[00:08:48] :TO
Jax[00:08:50] :NOT ****ING
Jax[00:08:50] :PLAY
Jax[00:08:52] :UR GONNA FEED
Jax[00:08:54] :AND COST US THE GAME
Singed[00:08:55] :ASHE
Jax[00:08:55] :....
Jax[00:08:57] :PLAY AGAINST
Jax[00:08:58] :BOTS
Jax[00:09:00] :-__
Jax[00:09:01] :AI
Jax[00:09:02] :...
Jax[00:09:03] :jesus
Jax[00:09:07] :do tutorial
Ashe[00:09:16] :assuming we lose, is it such a big deal?
Jax [All][00:09:20] :YEAH
Ashe[00:09:35] :it's a game that you're losing, not your life, calm down
Jax[00:09:43] :...
Jax [All][00:10:38] :LMAO
Jax [All][00:10:44] :Alright then
Jax [All][00:10:45] :
Singed[00:12:07] :dont play
Ashe[00:12:19] :fine
Ashe[00:12:32] :your fault for losing then
Jax[00:12:39] :we're not
Jax[00:12:40] :going to lose
Jax[00:12:41] :LMAO
Ashe[00:12:50] :if you say so
Swain[00:13:42] :hes tabed out
Swain[00:14:14] :thanks pros

Jax[00:14:17] :dw
Jax[00:14:21] :np
Jax[00:14:21] :
Jax [All][00:15:39] :LMAO
Jax [All][00:15:45] :lolzolozlzolzolz
Jax [All][00:20:48] :Lmao
Jax [All][00:21:26] :ouch nnu
Jax [All][00:21:29] :nunu
Jax [All][00:21:47] :OUCHY SION
Jax [All][00:21:52] :OUCH
Jax [All][00:24:34] :****ing
Jax [All][00:24:35] :Noob
Swain[00:24:45] :i need to stop dying
Jax[00:24:53] :DUDE
Jax[00:24:54] :U GUYS
Jax[00:24:56] :ARE ALL KILLS
Jax[00:24:56] :...
Jax[00:24:57] :DEFEND
Jax[00:24:58] :aNd push
Jax[00:24:59] :...
Jax[00:25:03] :tactic is to push
Jax[00:25:04] :not to kill
Swain[00:25:10] :k
Swain[00:25:31] :should i come help
Swain[00:25:38] :nm

Jax[00:27:32] :dont over extend
Jax[00:27:33] :...
Singed[00:30:37] :**** syain
Singed[00:30:48] :u noob
Swain[00:30:50] :sorry
Singed[00:31:46] :swain!
Jax[00:31:59] :wow
Singed[00:32:00] :why u dont help
Jax[00:32:00] :swain
Jax[00:32:01] :u noob
Jax[00:32:02] :-_-
Singed[00:32:27] :****l
Jax[00:32:37] :i got top
Swain[00:32:50] :we would have both died
Swain[00:34:42] :****
Jax[00:38:14] :gj
Singed[00:38:32] :**** swain
Jax [All][00:38:36] :Thanks
Jax [All][00:38:37] :
Swain[00:39:55] :you can hurt me for that
Singed[00:40:17] :は?
Singed[00:40:26] :きめえよks
Jax [All][00:40:29] :LOL
Jax [All][00:40:30] :LOL
Singed[00:40:36] :しゃべりかけんな
Swain[00:40:46] :i dont have on of those keyboards
Jax [All][00:41:35] :SURRENDER NOW
Singed[00:41:43] :help swain
Jax [All][00:42:05] :WOW
Jax [All][00:42:06] :So my
Jax [All][00:42:08] :CC
Jax [All][00:42:12] :So much cc
Jax[00:43:16] :well
Jax[00:43:19] :should I try and end now?
Jax[00:43:19] :
Swain[00:44:11] :sorry
Jax [All][00:44:35] :LOL
Jax [All][00:44:36] :NUNU
Jax [All][00:44:37] :FK U
Jax [All][00:44:37] :
Jax[00:45:06] :GET BACK
Jax[00:49:38] :LOL
Jax[00:49:39] :PRO
Jax[00:50:35] :ima go kill bot
Jax[00:51:08] :1 more
Jax [All][00:54:15] :Fu
Jax [All][00:54:16] :****
Jax [All][00:54:16] :lag
Jax [All][00:54:28] :gg

Edit: one more thing if any red reads this, is there in any way we can judge cases on a match-by-match bases? Some matches I feel like they don't deserve it but even if they are good in 3 matches if in the 4th they rage out I still have to punish