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MC Internet Melb/Perth LoL Comp: Sunday 23 September

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When: Sunday 23 September @ 12PM Melb Time (10AM Perth Time)

1st - $500 cash + 5x TDK Headphones + 5x $50 recharge
2nd - $300 Cash + 5x Tt eSPORTS Dasher Mini Mousepads + 5x $20 recharge
3rd/4th - $100 Cash + 5x Dasher Mini + 5x $20 recharge
5th-8th - 5x Dasher Mini

Entry Fee: $50 per team of 5

MC Melb: Level 1, 276 Russell St
MC Box Hill: 601A Station St
MC Perth: Shop2, 114-116 Murray St

To register, please email:
with the following details:

1) Team Name
2) Captain's Name
3) Captain's Mobile #
4) MC Location
5) Team Members (alias, all 5)

Hope to see you there!