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Are minions important? check it out

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I dont know waiting about 72m for megavideo to allow me to go back in to finish the movie i was watching so i felt like putting this question around to see what people think and what other could learn.

Are minions important? For example top minions enemies are pushing hard about maybe you can only see in map 8 of them but in reality there maybe about 12-13 for stacking fight to long, than bottom has about only 9 of them and mid is clear

Will you fight the enemies team that is 5 and ready to push and maybe just maybe has no tank? Or will you split 3 people in mid than are awsome to defend and one on top and one on bottom to eliminate the enemie's minion and push back toward toward???....

After you finish answering that question from your brillient mind 8D go ahead and answer this, Is racking kill points better than winning? Or do you wish to work as a team to do the right thing and follow the fight strat point of the game that you see everygame?

While you answering those question keep in mind of the strat they (enemies) use on you and you see it everygame for the pass 54 games but no one do anything about it such as : they push top minions, bottom minions and zerg mid knowing the minions are weakening the tower and keeping you at bay from leaving mid while they zerg ( zerg mean everyone in one place preffering mid ;p)

Oh **** i was talking to fast to put that the 5 people enemies are in mid pushing yall, my bad continue ^^