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Stuck in "Hell-Elo"

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Okay so I started to play in ranked games i was usually stae in 1280-1300. After a couple of games i have lost 12 of my 15 games and then and I have drop all the way down to 1085! now the problem is at this elo its a circle of nightmare ... I cant play a single game with no one going AFK , no one trolling the champion selection or someone feeding the game ...

im a decent player with a good attitude in the game and for some reason the systems queues me with trolls and i cant win a single game ! Its really a nightmare because i want to get out of this elo but simply. Ant because -1150 elo is where the nightmare starts ! I really hope riot will do something about that since the gameplay is ruined all the time !

The group of person in 1150 and minus are full of trolls and afk i cant event count on my 2 hands the number of trolls that admit to feed the game of to go afk if they dont get adc when they are last pick ! I dont have an idea how to fix the negativity in the elo but riot must come out with something because i cant take more lost i am diggin my own tomb every time i play a ranked game!

P.S , Yes i do report the feeder the afks and the troll ! I dont like to dodge game because of the 30min waiting time ! Plus when you dodge u cant report them !

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yo if random. sum times ur allie leaves, sum time ur enemy leave-. BUT theres 5 enemys, and only 4 allies, MEANS IF YOU ACTUALLY PLAY GOOD, AND DONT TROLL, AND DO GOOD TEAMWORK, you will gain elo in the long run. play good gain elo, THERE IS NO ELO HELL

To clarify. chances of one of 5 ppl leaving, is greater than 1 or 4 ppl leaving.