Comic book Concept; looking for feedback

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4 Days Ago

Hello fellow summoners, I could use some feedback on an idea I had. Specifically, a concept for a web comic revolving around the champions outside of summoner's rift.

After several incidents between rival champions the League is working on keeping the peace within the institute while champions are present. Gragas, having overheard a few summoners discussing the issue, suggests erecting a tavern just outside the rift. He points out that he'd solved feuds with drink before and thinks he can bring everyone together with grog. Since he offered to run the place and can brew his own beer, the summoners agree to give him a month. If he can reduce the number of incidents by then, they'll consider keeping the tavern around. If not, they'll close it down.

It would basically revolve around the antics that go on within and around the tavern as well as offering some chances for interesting interactions between champs we don't often see together. It would lean more toward a comedy feel, obviously, which I think provides a nice contrast to the war outside. And obviously there would be some champs, such as many of the void residents, with no need to drink and therefore wouldn't show up but there could always be special circumstances. Maybe Blitz just hangs out simply for the sake of being around people, Lux drags Garen along and Katarina follows Garen while Darius comes along to keep an eye on her and just on and on and on. XD Twisted Fate could run the back-room poker table, there'll be an oversized dartboard upstairs where Draven can show off and Sona could provide some music for the place. I think there's some potential for a lot of silly and interesting interactions and would love to hear what everyone else thinks.

Normally, I'd ask no one steal my idea, but I can't draw, so if you think it's good enough feel free. XD

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4 Days Ago

So it expands the lore? Gives head canon?

Has my seal of approval.