[Champion Idea] Ivana - The Crimson Copycat

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M Il T H O S

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Admiring Vladimir from afar, she wished to mimic his every ability, unfortunately she was not blessed with such powers. She carries her umbrella everywhere with her, as it matches her white fluffy bonnet which lies on her silky blonde hair. At first glace she appears as a polite gentle-lady, but underneath she wishes to become like Vladimir. One day as she attempted to approach Vladimir she immediately felt her life-force being siphoned away, however Vladimir was unable to kill her as he wasn't aloud to by the League's laws. Only partially through his meal, this eventful encounter ended up in almost full-filling Ivana's wishes. With her new found but incomplete power she went off without a word. She began experimenting with her new abilities and found that around blood she felt more powerful. After making some probably illegal modifications to her umbrella she finally was able to prove her worth to the League and was accepted eventually under Vladimir's supervision.

Passive; Crimson Lack: Around bleeding targets Ivana gains blood power which builds up to her ultimate. Blood power falls off slowly when no targets are around.

Q; Piercing parasol: Ivana aims her umbrella at a target and fires a needle which causes a small initial hit with a bleed left over.

W; Convenient Breeze: Ivana open her umbrella then quickly launches into the air, knocking near-by enemies away from her and making her untargetable for a while, as she floats away. However this will cost a decent amount of blood power.

E; Twirl: Ivana opens her umbrella above her and twirls it around, launching needles in every direction, dealing a large initial hit with a small bleed left over, needles can travel through targets, but has a reduced initial hit.

R; Perfect Transformation: Ivana finally is able to copy something similar to Vladimir, as she turns into a stream of blood that moves toward a target like Maokai's W, She sucks the blood out of the target while healing herself, the heal and damage is based off of how many bleeds are on the target, while the duration is based off how much blood power she has. If the target dies, Ivana is refunded 66% of the blood power used.


I just thought of this today and since Vladimir is my favourite champ I thought it would be cool to have someone who could fit with his lore.
I leave it up to Riot to make the skills balanced, but basically this would be an AP Caster.
Any feedback is welcomed, as long as it is helpful.