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Syndra lore extension

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The place which was once called a temple by the people was now void and silent as the dead night. Only she walked in the corridors. The voices of old lingered within her mind with each step, never fully disappearing from her memory. The monotone sound of the old mages teachings, the never ending pulsing of the magic they used, the students whispering to each other.
These sounds embraced her every day, throughout her youth. But now the temple walls only echoed back the waterfall’s rumbling and the footsteps of its only inhabitant.
Still, this is the only place where I place down my own feet, hm? She mused over the simple thought as if she was just another bystander, examining her own habit. Outside of this place she never touched the ground after the incident. Wherever she went she boldly displayed her power as proof that she is no longer bounded by them.
Yes, they are unable to stand in my way. Not anymore. This pleased her in a way, but in the wakes of its pleasure the ever reemerging urge slowly invaded her mind, just as it happened back then. She could again feel her own heart rotting away as the pure and simple wish she held dear devoured everything else within her and left nothing, but frustration.
There was no barrier she could break, no limit she couldn’t overextend, no challenge she couldn’t overcome. She couldn’t feel her own growth yet again. This place no longer provided her with the feeling once she felt after finally breaking free from them.
This place once she called school, this place once she called prison. She made it her own, claimed it to satisfy her own burning anger. She had to break each barrier within her mind one after another, using every inch of her power. But it was worth it.
The place once called a temple now floated high above the ground, sealing it away from others, making it reachable only for her. This was her home now, the place where she thought she can grow and deepen her magic to an unlimited level.
But that thought had slowly melted as she came to realize, even if she doesn’t, but this place has its own limits. Destroyed buildings, water bended in an unnatural way and many broken boulders followed in her path. An old memory shone vividly in her mind, stronger day by day.
The old mage mentioned it only once, but that was enough for her. The story of an institution of war, where champions of every region gathered. The story of people with untold power. Yes, that should be enough. She amused herself with the thought as she slowly walked through the remaining now aged and unkept buildings. She could already see the edge of the piece of earth she once lifted.
The stairs were broken in an almost linear line where she tore them apart from the ground.
The howling of the wind was very strong; it even pushed out the sounds of the waterfall’s rumbling. Her hair followed it in its furious wake. As she stepped to the very edge of stairs where only the vast nothingness welcomed her she made a small and silent chant. Three small orbs appeared and started to rotate around her while giving off a strong purple light.
Now, let’s test what they can do against my power. A devilish grin rose from her mouth, making her face distorted in a sadistic way, while the orbs purple light reflected in her eyes which showed nothing, but the ruling thoughts of her mind. Pure hunger for power and insanity. She threw herself off the edge, her heart racing loudly once again. It was filled with pure ecstasy and dark expectations.

After all, she just found herself new playthings.

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