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Astro Teemo Death

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For the love of glob, please change the sound.

My boyfriend bought me Riot Points because I started playing LoL with him recently. I am obsessed with Teemo and have been eyeing the Astro Teemo skin for quite sometime.

I went to YouTube to see all the features of Astro Teemo. I loved the moon bounce and the ray gun. I loved everything about this skin until I heard the sound he makes when he dies. It was the most atrocious sound I have ever heard from a cute little astronaut Yordle.

I understand he is supposed to be dying. But it sounds like someone shoved a baguette down his throat.

Just because of this small little detail, I went with Super Teemo, which had a huge gap at second place from Astro Teemo. I know if I didn't die so much I wouldn't hear the sound he makes, but I'm still learning.

Either way, it is a horrible horrible sound that I could not bear to hear.

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Hahaha the sounds are pretty bad not gonna lie.

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LMAO...I may not have that Teemo skin but reading this was hilarious XD
But it does sound really bad from where your coming from.