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yo, let's keep it real about S3 minor tournaments

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I am afraid that contracts/salaried teams will all but **** over smaller tournaments like go4lol for amateur/hobby teams and smaller pro teams. i'd compare it to the UFC and their former associate promotion WEC- it helped fighters who may not have been truly ready for the big stage continue to improve their skill in an environment where they're playing people of similar skill. It was just as much long-term as short term- 5 out of 9 champions have had WEC experience, along with the 10th flyweight champion being crowned at UFC 151 WILL have competed in the WEC.
S3 there needs to be more options competitively past 30. Either you grind ELO forever and hope you make a good team or something. If you don't, you're going to end up with an "old-boys club" ala fighting games where every year at EVO or a major tournament you get the same handful of players placing. You look at TSM.Evo dying and part of that is that they were clearly not ready for MLG and majors against Dig/CLG.Prime/CRS/TSM and bowed out early every time and never improved as a result. Then they got frustrated and disbanded when the simply fact was- they just weren't ready for that level of competition yet.

yo riot, what can we expect in terms of a pro/am split for S3? in other words, making it more accessible for teams that may not be serious contenders yet on the challenger circuit.