Farjen - The Beast Master

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Mac Giolla

Junior Member


Farjen – The Beast Master

Passive: Raven – Farjen’s pet beast that attacks his targets dealing physical damage. Raven’s basic attacks stack with Farjen’s physical damage. Raven repawns a small time after death.

Q – Marker Shot – Farjen shoots a skill shot and if hits a target if grants vision of the target. Raven then runs to the target, gaining movement speed and ignores unit and environment collision dealing physical damage to that target.

W – Resounding Roar – Farjen commands Raven to run the targeted area and roar, dealing magic damage and fearing all enemies in the proximity.

E – Sick ‘Em – Farjen commands Raven to bite target champion and throw them towards Farjen.

R – Sidestep – Farjen dashes to area and his next basic attack does bonus physical damage. Also, Sick ‘Em gains a bonus effect. Farjen’s next basic attack will knock the target back. If the target collides with environment, they will be stunned.