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how to counter lane darius guide.

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darius has no ranged nukes and his only spell to get in range is a low ranged pull.

that bein pointed out here is how you counter him: long ranged harassement.

examples: if you send someone like jax or wukong that has to dive on to the enemy's face to deal damage, he will just combo on you and you'll lose more health than him.

but if you send someone with ranged spells to nuke while kiting him, he wont be able to do a thing. play someone like teemo, kayle, vladimir, and many many more who i wont quote one by one.

another important factor is the escape capacity, pick someone who has at least one get away spell in case he manages to land his pull.

buy boots and health potions so you can keep your distance from him when he tries to get in range for his axe spin or pull. upgrade it to tier2 boots ASAP. dont bother building armor right away, for he has armor pen and his ultimate deals true damage, get health first.

as long as you do that, you'll be able to farm and keep him from farming as long as you wish and his mid game wont be so soul crushing for he wont have any items to be a real danger.