Please add role selector system

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Hi Riot, Just an idea and it comes from never ending frustration with normal game ques...

Can you please implement some sort of roll for lane or some kind of load period once the in game champion select client opens, I am finding that every game i go ppl rush to call their preferred lane or role and for what ever reason by the time i get into the client everything is locked and i'm left playing support... which support is fine once in a while but sometimes i would like to play another role.

It seems that people with slower computers or internet are punished and forced to pick up the slops..

I have 2 suggestions
1. A roll system where the client opens and you select which role you would prefer to play ( Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc or support ) then after a set period of time a system tally's the rolls and places players into roles using a randomized rolling machine like if you have played WoW and you roll for items... so if more than 1 person picks a role it automatically rolls a dice and the winner gets that role and the Loser/s have to pick again process continues until all lanes are filled or otherwise arranged.
This strategy also eliminates autolockers.....

2. A brief delay timer of 15secs once all players have logged into the chat lobby so you have a fair chance to call your roles..

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