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Lee Sin.

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Needs a QoL Buff hes has just been so buggy lately and i have an idea for his ult.

Lets Just start with bugs

1. Sonic wave passing through Pulsfire Ezreal and Scorched earth Xerath and anyone on occasion not only is it major but its rage inducing.

2. Resonating Strike sometimes causes lee son to teleport in front of his target and then appear back where he should have been (this froze in place and locked my controls for nearly 3 seconds once)

3. Tempest sometimes misses point-blank range i don't know what causes this or how to recreate it its rare and i only ever notice when targets cant be crippled

That's it for bugs but the first and second ones occur so often that it really disrupts game-play

Now My Main QoL change to lee sin would be an arrow the show which direction and how far a target will fly if they are hit by lee sin ult and wide enough to tell who else will be hit by the target

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Also, when sonic wave appears to pass through its target, following up with resonating strike can sometimes still work (although not always).