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CHampion Suggestions

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Im looking for a new champion to play.
I've liked chogath due to his feast as a nice finisher and survivability but i seem to die a lot due to the lack of an escape move.
I like to help out my team with like shadow dash with shen or the charge with gragas and able to escape as well if need be.
Twitch is great with his DPS and fast attack speed, but too squishy for me.
I know the things i listed my seem like i want a tank/dps/support type and i know they really dont fit well all together, but any sort of help on which champion that fits would be much appreciated.
Edit- So i guess what im looking for is a good dps, good survivability/escape move, and great team player

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Hi. Here are my suggestions.

She's an hybrid champion (benefits from both AD and AP). She can deal really good damage, and has a slow and a heal + movement speed buff. Her ultimate makes an ally immune to damage for 3 seconds. She's not a tank, but has a decent amount of HP. As you can see, her skills are very useful to a team and allow for good escapes.

He's a tank that can deal a good amount of damage. He's very hard to kill, and is a good finisher with his ultimate. He also has a silence which is great for disabling the enemy caster. Currently one of the best champions in the game.

A good tanky champion, that you can build either DPS or AP. He has good survivability with his shield or his 100% lifesteal ultimate, and deal some good damage. Also has a targeted stun.

A really helpful champion for a team. She can stun an enemy and keep him away from your teammates. Her ultimate allow her to tank / deal more damage / escape. If you manage to have a good start, she can be really devastating.

And if you want a pure DPS, i recommend you Tristana. She has a very long range, and she can jump away to a safe place if enemies come too close. She also can knock back enemies, which is great for interrupting a channeling ult, or pushing away annoying champions.
Ezreal is also a good choice, he can harass from a good distance, and has a mini flash to help him escape.
Both are very squishy.

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Janna is also good for a beginner. Has a good harassing skill, a shield that absorbs damage, a slow/nuke and an ultimate that is great for team fights and escaping.

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i would actually suggest taric. hes tanky, has nice support, and although lacking a pure escape move, can stun enemies and escape anyway. also, ghost is a good summoner spell to help a champ that doesnt have natural escape moves