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South Bay Area California Tournament

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League of Legends season 3 tournament January 18, Lawndale High School Performance arts center. The spacious performance arts center has 1200 seats, and boasts a Theater quality projector and sized screen. The stage has a fully functional orchestra pit, and full professional lighting all around.

The Lawndale PAC is a perfect place for a league of legends tournament, the location is perfect. Located not to far from the LAX, and the 405 freeway.

Contents of the Tournament - 4 final teams battle it out for the grand prize Cosplay event during commission Performances by music artist, and dance crews also during commission Live league music performances throughout the event Mini tournaments upstairs for lesser prizes Free food, as well as premium food from local vendors little random giveaways

What we need - 800+ people who pre order tickets (Ticket prices - 15 for students 25 for everyone else, 35 at the window) By pre ordering you get a name specific badge, and a certificate good for a refund prior to the event that we will mail to you 3 weeks prior to the event.

All things are backed up by the school and city, so this is not a scam for your money The prize will depend on the amount of people showing up, for sponsorship riot, razer, thermaltake etc... asks for at least 200 confirmed people attending (people who already paid)

How do i enter my team? You can enter your team by emailing [email]john95n@gmail.com[/email] Send me your username, email, and or number and we will add you to the roster There will be a a qualifiers tournament to find out who the final 4 are You can also just leave your team username, email, and or number by posting a comment below

Event date and time - Event date will be Janurary 18 from 3PM, - 9PM

How do i order tickets? Email us at [email]leagueofgamerslawndale@gmail.com[/email] leave us your number, email, name, and how many tickets you want to purchase, and any other questions you may have

Is there anyway i can help out? Yes of course if you can send this page to your friends, tell them about it, tweet it, repost it, share it, anyway possible. If you live in the southbay area and you know someone who can provide additional food, prizes, or anything also contact us at [email]leagueofgamerslawndale@gmail.com[/email]

Give us a accurate head count by RSVP the event on FB http://www.facebook.com/events/494003870629796/?notif_t=plan_user_joined

Location of the event 14901 Inglewood Avenue Lawndale, CA 90260

Additional Notes, need 600 sign ups by the end of october, to show riot and other companies we mean business, meaning possible acknowledgement as a season 3 event, and sponsorship. As well as making it more competitive.

We are currently working on getting teams TSM, CLG, and other teams around the area to come to the event. Our team here at lawndale is working hard. So upvote so more people can see this

Contacts - Organizer (John Nguyen) Number - 3103475179 Organizer email - [email]john95n@Gmail.com[/email] Event email - [email]leagueofgamerslawndale@gmail.com[/email] Event Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/events/494003870629796/?notif_t=plan_user_joined Event website - coming soon (IGN: captainginyu95)

Pictures of the Performance Arts Center - http://www.centinela.k12.ca.us/apps/album/index.jsp?dir=departments/172097&backLink=/apps/pages/index.jsp%3FuREC_ID=172097%26type=d&backTitle=Centinela+Valley+Center+for+the+Arts Info on PAC - http://www.centinela.k12.ca.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=172097&type=d