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Halloween costumes~

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Halloween is my favourite holiday, and I wanna draw some female champs in costumes, but I'm having troubles deciding who to draw and as what! o: Maybe you guys can help me out?

I sketched a base the other day that I wanna use, probably will only work for females but if you think you have an awesome idea for a male champ, lemme know and I can most likely adjust it.

My mind is a complete blank for what costumes to throw on these girlies. Lux as a witch just seems too.. well, too much like her sorcerer's skin, just a different colour. Anyways! I'd love any suggestions, I'll make a list and see what I can get done, and then I'll post them here. c:

Dark Hearts Diana WIP (http://i.imgur.com/1wg8h.png)
Was browsing some costume sites and came across this idea, still very rough.