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Viktor's New Plan (Humor Based)

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I originally posted this in the General Discussion forum, but it seemed more appropriate here. Enjoy

"I've done it!" Viktor proclaimed as he looked at his new invention, "Truly a testament to my intellect! Soon, all of Valoran shall succumb to my desires and realize their true evolutions! I will revolutionize the world!"

The machine beep-ed and boop-ed, and flashed many colors. Looking more like a table with knobs, buttons, and levers than an invention of power, it came up to Viktor's waist and allowed him to activate it with ease. Viktor pushed one of the many buttons and the machine started pumping out a repetitive, loose sounds, like a man tapping his foot. He then turned a knob, and the sound became more defined and rapid. Viktor clapped his hands together and pushed another button. The machine whirred and flashed new colors, resulting in another sound pulsating out. Despite the mecha-table producing simple, repetitive sounds, Viktor was estatic.

"Yes! With this, the revolution shall come to Valoran, and I, the great herald, will lead it! Nobody, not even the half-wit Hammer Chin, will stop me!" Viktor laughed as he pushed more buttons, turned more knobs, and cranked the levels up -- from his laboratory a wave of sounds and beats flew outward onto the unsuspecting Valoran...

It was a beautiful day in Demacia, only rivaled by the upcoming beauty that was Sona and her music. This was the day many of the nobles and figureheads of the dominant powers in Valoran would come together to listen to the Maven's music. There were literally hundreds of people attending the event; from the children of Demacia to the leaders of Noxus to the scientists of Zaun, the hundreds quickly found their seats and prepared for the soothing sounds of Sona's etwahl. For at least a day, the powers could come together to share in the experience of a lifetime.

"Sona, the concert is about to begin in ten minutes, are you ready?" Sona nodded her head at the concert director. Her etwahl floated impatiently next to her, awaiting the concert more than she was. After she was finished with her preparations, she shifted her attention to the etwahl; a smile crept across her face. Once again, she would produce a masterpiece to indulge the mind and soul of her listeners and they would be in perfect harmony. The etwahl let out a faint hum and Sona nodded and began her walk to the stage.

In the audience, many of Sona's fellow champions sat waiting for her moment. Garen sat next to Prince Jarvan IV awaiting the performance, but also ready to act in case any foreign threat arrived. The Yordles sat near the front in a special section reserved for the small bunch, Teemo wore his happy expression as always and even Ziggs was quiet and patient. Swain and Katarina, although enemies of Demacia, were situated not far from Garen and the prince, but they had no intentions of ruining the concert. In the shadows Evenlynn and Talon watched, like the Noxians they were not here to fight. Too smelly to be let into the concert, Twitch managed to find a spot to listen to the event. It was as if peace hit Valoran, if only for a moment.

Sona floated blissfully onto the center of the stage, her etwahl just beneath her. She closed her eyes and envisioned a song far beyond anything she played before. The Maven smiled and the crowd grew quiet. The goddess of sounds raised her hands ready to play; tonight was perfect and will end perfectly in her mind. As she touched the strings a laugh was heard and a robotic voiced followed it.

"Hello people Valoran! No doubt you are here to listen to the wonders of music performed by the amazing Maven of Strings. However, like ourselves, music can too be improved and upgraded! I shall give you a taste of the future for us all!"

Viktor suddenly appeared above Sona with his machine. In a way, it was like the etwahl, but certainly more odd looking. As the crowd stared in silence at the man who interrupted a lifetime event, Viktor took the opportunity to push one of the buttons labelled as "kick." The repetitive sound shot out for awhile; "Observe as I put this 'kick drop" four by four!" Viktor triumphantly said. The audience, too shocked to react at the madman who crashed the concert with his bland beeps and boops, could only sit and listen.

"Now, we need some bass!" Viktor exclaimed as he turned a knob. The music started to pump up, but the crowd stood still listening. Viktor turned yet another knob as he added, "Let's add some snare drums for more power! And whynot some synth sounds for atmosphere."

The music became more wild and pumped as the scientist twisted and turned the keys on his machine. It was like nothing the audience had ever heard, they were used to the soothing sounds of an etwahl or the heavy metal of Pentakill, but not this crazy sounding pattern Viktor had churned out. As the taken-over concert continued, Viktor played upon his machine with all three of his arms, adding more "psychedelic" and "wavy" sounds. The audience began to tap their feet, some bobbing their heads to the fast-paced music.

Sona herself quietly stared at the herald, her eyes wide open and confused. Sure, many sounds existed in the world and many could be harnessed by Sona. But these notes were mechanical, unnatural; there was no way these sounds could be used by her. It almost seemed as if Viktor took simple sounds and mixed them together with his technology to produce these alien notes. Her mind began to scatter and let into it the sounds of Viktor's "Trance," as he dubbed it.

Viktor laughed as his machine whirred and exploded sound after sound of the intoxicating effect. "Let your minds loose and experience the glory that is the 'Evolution'!" The audience gladly let him continue with his dastardly plan. This didn't seem all that evil, he was producing some neat stuff.

Viktor's third arm cranked a red lever to the max, allowing the machine to shoot out waves of color onto the audience accompanied with hypnotizing effects. The audience lost it. Some began to get up and dance to the beat, others stood still and felt paralyzed.

Poppy, as stoic as ever, just stared at the herald unaffected by his ploys; yet she did not consider stopping him. A figure bumped into her as they swayed and jumped to the beats.

"Who's th-- Rammus? Are you okay?" Poppy inquired.

"Ok." Rammus retorted as he went back into his spinning fit and rolled away from the Megling.

Ziggs stared at the waves of color and let himself loose; he didn't intend to be a maniac on the dance floor today, but he couldn't help himself. He grabbed Teemo and flung him away, break dancing and losing himself to the music.

"BEEP BOOP I'M IN LOVE," said the large metal robot as he stared at Viktor's machine. Although he wasn't experiencing the same effects the others were, he interpreted the sounds in his own way -- love.

Viktor put his machine on auto as he shuffled in place, confident that his machine had worked better than he anticipated. "I'm a genius!" thought Viktor and he patted himself on the back -- with his third arm of course.

The night went on, only increasing the effects of the machine. The dark sky allowed the spectrum of colors to shine brightly around the concert hall, effectively turning the majority of the audience into dancing machines. Even Sona herself surrendered to the music, bobbing her head and tapping her instrument. At first she was worried Viktor ruined the event, but her fears quickly went away as she watched the audience enjoy themselves. Even the enemies Swain and Jarvan were dancing with eachother in excitement.

In the end, the concert was over and the audience calmed down, but they still wanted more at some point. They begged Viktor to come back another time with his machine. Viktor laughed and triumphantly exclaimed, "I would be glad to show you the fruits of the 'Evolution'! The best part is anyone can do it, it's that easy!" Viktor returned to his lab with victory flowing through him, the audience had loved it and wanted more -- even the fool Jayce succumbed to Viktor's plan. The herald felt like testing his machine out more and started to walk towards the chamber he left it in. Viktor gasped suddenly as the machine was gone, likely stolen.

"No! Why must everything be stolen from me!? Grr!" Viktor erupted...

"BEEP BOOP, I LOVE YOU," the large, golden robot announced as he hugged the mecha-table he stole from Viktor's lab. The machine beep-ed and boop-ed back at Blitzcrank. Together, the robots lived in beeping harmony.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUVcaxDce14 <-- Viktor can teach you the Evolution!

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A true classic. Very nice.

I originally posted this in the General Discussion forum, but it seemed more appropriate here.

Thank you for that.

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thanks for using the correct forum =)

oh, and write moar XD

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I approve