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Charity Tourney at Ohio State University

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This is a facebook event for our meet and greet to form teams on Saturday, the 8th of September. Everyone is welcome!

Tournament Format: The majority of the tournament will be held off-site, utilizing pool play in a round robin system. Teams will register via our website: http://www.esportsinitiative.org/ and free agents may also find a place there.

On September 16th, team captains will meet with us, pay $50 per team ($10 per person), and register their names to guarantee participation in the tournament.

We are expecting approximately 40 teams participating in pool play, and the top 8 teams will participate in the in-person tournament on October 27th at the Student Union at OSU, using their own computers (bring laptops or desktops).

The format will be tournament draft. No new champions released after 9/16/2012 will be allowed for use in the tournament in order to maintain balance. Prizes will be distributed at the venue to top four teams upon completion of the tournament. Season 2 tournament rules apply.

Any questions/comment/concerns, feel free to post in https://www.facebook.com/esportsinitiative, visit our website, http://www.esportsinitiative.org/, or email us at [email]esportsinitiative@gmail.com[/email]

Please join our facebook event for the registration date to tell us you're coming!

We look forward to seeing you on the Fields of Justice!

Your team must have at least one Ohio State Student on it. Although this event is open to non-Ohio State students, we want at least one OSU student on each team to be the team captain (point of contact). Thanks for your understanding!