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buying Rengar??

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Well the only thing is, even with full cooldown build, and all AP, his roar still takes far to long to come back up. (Think its like 6-8 seconds) To use as your main damage dealing. Yes it does get a 1:1 return. but its not worth it I feel. I've given it some thought, but just couldn't see how it would work out. I guess in team fights, doing 600+ dmg AOE roar would be pretty bad ass, but the question comes down to, how do you fair 1v1?

Perhaps a Hybrid build is in order. Hexblade, Rage Blade, Nashors tooth, with Luci Boots. Lich blade for the added damage (Think thats were probably the most benefit of this build comes in) and of course Death Cap. Would get you some nice damage. Could switch Nashors with Malady for the MP drain, and finish off with a roar. Damn thinking about it I might do it myself. Sorry for the Rambling lol.

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yeah i thought it sounded like a good idea too. blasting a group of enemies with a WW does a bunch more that hitting one person with a QQ