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A few things I'd like to see with new lore implementation

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So I really like all the possibilities that Riot has created so far in the world of Rune Terra. The conflict between Noxia and Demacia, piltover and zaun, and of course Ionia. How all the champions fit into this world in the League and the purposes the fill there is really interesting to me, though I don't know much of the actual lore.

And I think a lot of players don't either unless they really take the time to learn about it.
That's rather sad, in my opinion, given the options for story-arcs and personal lore for all the different champions that exist and could be.

So I know the creative department is in the works on this quite hard, and it may be that some of these things I'll talk about you at Riot are already implementing. So bear with my ignorance, this is just coming from someone who is interested in lore, but hasn't really delved into it much.

1. The bigger picture. We all participate in tons of League games, but what for? To what end and what purpose are we playing these matches for. How are all the characters fitting into this and what part do we, the summoners, play? From what I understand the League was create to settle disputes between different factions, but is that all there is to it? If so, what kinds of disputes arise? I know the Ionia vs Noxia match was a big deal, and I really enjoyed that event, but it seems like it was one in a million, and I know how resource taxing single events like that are and may not be the most effective way to tell the story of this game.

2. Storytelling through gameplay. Whichever the directions you take for the lore in the game, i'd really like to see this happen one way or another. I can understand that's pretty difficult given this is primarily an online competitive game platform. But there are ways it can be done, such as multiplayer missions and lore specific challenges that players can do, like having Katarina inflitrate the enemy's base using her skills to sneak by really strong enemies that would otherwise kill her. Or something along those lines anyways, that was just off the top of my head.

3. Direction of characters/factions. Will we see some choice characters to represent the story in a deep and engaging plotline? What kinds of schemes are the Noxians coming up with. What threatens Freljord and Piltover, and what of Zaun? Every champion should be able to fit into the grand scheme in some way or another, even if the part is only relatively minor. The story will need to progress as well, where are these characters going in their efforts and plans, will they get there, what will happen to them? Could it also bring in newer champions as well as a result?
What about the relationships between specific champions, like katarina cassio swain and Le blanc? or Nasus and Renekton, or Twisted Fate and Graves? I think everyone is super interested in these champion interactions and it would be really great as you developed the story that these sorts of relationships are fleshed out.

4. Depth and Realism. One huge pitfall a lot of stories have is the lack of character depth and the reasons for their actions. What kind of past does Ryze have and how has it affected him, or Irelia or Miss fortune? Will we get to see that when you're all done?

I have come to see really high quality stuff come from Riot, so I know you guys will do a great job, I just hope that these key points are all addressed greatly since as a writer myself I find them to be key to making a quality story.