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Few words about Queue Dodge Timer

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There are few concerns with some sort of “dodge forgiveness” or “free dodge of the day”. If we give out flat one free dodge per day (or something of similar concept) per player then the end result will not be pleasing for our players. I think the best analogy is printing money cause inflation. If we give out one free dodge per day per player, then there will be millions of free dodge pass floating around. Since no champion selection can be dodged twice or dodged concurrently, there will be millions of champion selection dodged and millions of player impacted regardless the cause of the individual dodge. Most of you actually have the intention of playing a game, but if we are giving a free dodge to you then we are also giving a free dodge to people around you. When the time comes that you do actually want to start the game, you may find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s dodge. “Millions of free dodge” is a scary thing to me.

Then the question becomes, can we create a queue dodge configuration (or control) that’s smarter, more intelligent, or more selective. Well, that’s what this discussion is for. Thinking about the queue dodge design, it is like picking the “lesser of two evils”, but there are many more factors need to be considered than just pick one out of two.

i see what you mean, ppl can just dodge alot and ppl would be put back into queue. its picking lesser of two evils, but the lesser of two evils is the free dodge and the reason is because finding another queue doesnt take too long.

or not even a free dodge. my idea is this. instead of punishment per dodge, make it per two dodges. in my experience, you don't dodge that much. its usually the first one. secondly its only on a really bad day that i really need to dodge alot.

or you can make it so that ppl must communicate during queue. my problem most of the time is ppl not even communicating. pick a char auto lock or not, they just dont talk. its like they just walk away. we dont get to report them and they get no punishment. the problem we are asking for this is because there is no punishment for those that make lobby hell.

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I'd say the punishment should be more severe especially for open games, you're there to play, yes the gaming experience may look down by the initial set-up but remember you're playing an open game. You didn't sign up to be a balanced team you clicked draft mode, that is wheat you signed up for.

The only reason i have ever dodge a queue was because it took so long to get a game going that was un-abile to dedicate 20 mins to the game.

But then that's just me thinking logically

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I am heavily in favour of a low, but increasing, dodge penalty. I only dodge queues when something terribly important happens that requires attention (which is almost never), or a friend logs in during champion select (which occasionally happens). I feel bad making everyone else in the group wait for a new game, but I would feel worse asking my friend to wait for 30 minutes for the current game to end in order for him to play with my group.