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What does Urgot think of Draven?

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Arcane Azmadi

Senior Member


Urgot the Headsman's Pride was the High Executioner of Noxus before his unfortunate run-in with Garen. Presumably he doesn't hold this rank any more as the reason he was promoted to the position was that he was too crippled to fight- no longer an issue with his new techmaturgic body. But I still wonder what his opinion is of Draven the Glorious Executioner, the flashy, arrogant show-off who turns executions into spectacle.

I suspect there isn't actually as much overlap between their positions as you might think, as Urgot was likely a military executioner who would have dealt with captured enemies, while Draven worked with (on?) criminals in the civilian prison system. However I stongly suspect Urgot would consider the young upstart Draven with scorn, more of a performing clown than a proper headsman. Draven presumably has the same (lack of) regard for Urgot that he does for everyone else he considers below him (i.e everyone). Still, it's an interesting overlap in champion roles that would be worth consideration.

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Heh, it was an interesting choice to give two Noxian ranged AD carries the title of Executioner. Skribbles actually talked about it. I think he basically agrees with you.

Urgot: "That was me once."
Draven: "He really let himself go."

So I joked about Urgot's impression of Draven earlier. In truth I think Urgot was more a soldier than an executioner. Or his heart was at least. He probably sees Draven as a joker without a real cause. I agree that Urgot wouldn't have attempted to make his job flashy.

I don't think Draven thinks much of Urgot's failure to kill Jarvan. Draven inherently believes he's better than everyone, so other people's failures are probably pretty commonplace.