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Ashe Questions

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Hi there guys,

I have decided to attempt to write a fanfiction about Ashe's life. Obviously I will take some artistic liberties here and there but otherwise I like my writing to be as accurate to the champions and world lore as possible. So I have a few questions I'd like to see if anyone could answer.

1. What is Ashe's real name? I know that Ashe is her tribal name.
2. How tall is she?
3.How old is she?
4. Is there anything that details her coronation or anything about her parents?

I have been digging through the JoJ and her lore as well as the wiki to gather as much information as possible. But if anyone has anything else important to add, please do so.

Thanks for your time and help everyone

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Ashley as modeled after Trydamere's wife
Shorter then shyyvana
around 30 lore wise
she was one of the several ice princesses, sejuani is a rival princess