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Looking for Duo Partner

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I am looking for a Duo partner who can carry on there own as well in Duo.
I started playing Ranked when I first hit 30 (about 5 months ago) and I Duo with my old best bud IRL and League. He is the worst League player I have ever met and tanked me down to 590 Elo, I have climbed my way back up to 893 and wish to start climbing the Elo faster then soloing win 3, lose 1 is to slow.
I konw this may look bad and you don't know but I am in true about a 1400 elo player; I know everyone says that but I am the real deal. For someone to Solo from 590 to 893 shows I am not just another noob.
I am 17 years of age
I have skype
I live in Florida (CNT)
And I am on just about whenever you want to Duo.
Add me on League or post to this thread if you wish to play Duo.
(I am looking for a player about 1000-up)