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Log in Screen won't appear

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Weo Weo Singed



As some other fellows have already complained about the same problem I wanted to make another thread aswell.

Now the problem is this. We launch the LOL client and the patcher appears. We then hit the PLAY button and nothing happens. The login screen, or the launcher in other words doesn't appear at all. If we click the LOL client again we get the info that there's already another client of lol running.

Now I checked from the task manager that there is indeed lol launcher running - nothing special was found in there.

Well, here is one way to try and fix it.

1 way that worked for me. dont blame me if it didnt work for you

On the top right corner this is a icon that look like gears. click on that. now a little window will appear. look for the button Repair.

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Senior Member


this is happening to me too. its been like this for about 2 months ... i had to use my friend's computer >.> ... i posted one like this about yes, 2 months ago but no reply or help. goodluck an (: