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PAX = Awesome (TY Riot and many others)

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Just got home from PAX, and I had a blast. I'd like to thank a few people for making it a wonderful 1st time experience.

Milkcow & Roku - spent almost an hour just chatting. it was great talking to you guys in person, made me feel like Riot had actual human beings running the game, concerned about the game and the players, and it was interesting about how you guys got into the industry.

SumoSue - thanks for all the swag, she never stopped handing stuff out.

Pro Players & Non- rioters:
Travis (SOTL) - thanks for pic/chat/skin code/lanyard on friday while i waited for my friends.

Dyrus (TSM) - thanks for the pic and talking a bit more about his gameplay.

Dan Dinh (Caster/ex-EG) - awesome guy, thanks for the pics in between casting Guardian games

Nhat Nguyen (EVO) - thanks for the pic

Scarra & Team DIG (DIG) - team sigs & photo with Scarra (was glad Scarra finally gave me the chance to take a photo with him after rejecting me 2 times)

Chauster (CLG) - great talking to and thanks for the photo. Really humble, wouldn't stop saying "thank you" after I compliment him.

Doublelift (CLG) - photo (me:" You're my favourite ADC, you're the best" Doublelift: "Yea, I know..." LOL)

Elementz & SV (& Liquid / CRS) - thanks for the individual photo and team photo. (Probably the only team that tries their hardest to keep their fans happy. )

TL,DR THANKS for the great time.