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Varus tips?

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JEST3R 4d3

Senior Member


Bought him recently...had a few decent games with him, but sometimes i just don't feel like him using him properly....

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Senior Member



Take 1 point in W as your first skill. It helps with last hitting and his Q just doesn't offer much without some AD behind it.

Be aggressive, but not stupid. His early game is his strong point.

Don't forget about your W passive when you're fighting, it'll help net you early kills.

Remember to snipe people unseen. It can be a great way to secure kills. You can flash WHILE holding your Q if you really want to.

Varus has 575 range. Make sure you step back after snaring their AD so they can't fight back (with few exceptions).

Varus is hard countered by taric.

Varus does well with sustainer and disable supports (Taric, Leona, Alistar, Sona, Soraka).

You only need +10 AD from runes as varus, the rest should go into ArPen to maximize your skill damage.

If you're very good at last hitting, you can go all into ArPen for heavy early game damage.

If you can get a level or two on your opponent, you can 2 shot people with your Q.

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JEST3R 4d3

Senior Member


thanks! ill give it a try

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Tailwind Janna

Senior Member


R > W > Q > E

Is typically how I go. You can play kind of aggressively as you can out damage most people if you can proc the W in fights.

Remember both all your abilities proc your W.

I like to go auto > auto > auto > E then back off, unless they're almost dead.

For supports he works well with Taric, Leona, and Soraka.

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Senior Member


I suggest maxing Q(piercing arrow) and W(blight) first... but make sure to have all three abilites (Q,W,E) available at lvl 3 (taking one for each lvl). This is just to get all three abilites running which means max fire power.

Why i suggest maxing piercing arrow(Q) with blight(W) other than hail of arrow(E) is that blight offers that extra magic damage ( which can be triggered by both Q and E) while hail of arrows can be used just to to trigger (though inflicting considerable damage) blight while at the same time slowing the enemy.

Your Q can be used to harass very effectively. Now, when laning, you can charge up Q just before you come into the enemies line of sight ( which is usually to a range just behing your last minion) and fire it before he can see you. This is very effective since most players know when to dodge Varus' Q as it charges.

For W, as i've suggested, should be maxed second. ( This works well with the Hybrid concept, dishing out great magic damage.)

E, is a slow, so you should try using it after Q and R to prevent enemies from escaping and activating blight(W). ( NOTE: Varus' R can also be considered a slow)

Now, for R, it's best to max it as soon as you can. (also apply hybrid concept)
Note it's range, 1100, so it can be very useful in catching runaway prey.

Advanced Tactic: (for this i recommend flash and ignite)
Charge up Q before entering enemy line of sight and fire it just as you enter followed by flash/R/AA/AA/E/Ignite... that usually guarantees a quick kill (1v1).

Now for builds, i recommend:
AD - Berserker's Grieves
- Bloodthirster
- Zeal - Phantom Dancer
- Infinity Edge
- Last Whisper
- Trinity Force

(in that order or just building up to them)

AP - Socerer's shoes
- Malady
- Archangel's Staff
- Void Staff
- Rabadon's Deathcap
- ( this slot is optional, i suggest fitting it with something tanky for defence or you can always
go for another archangel's staff or Rabadon's Deathcap)

NOTE: these builds are quite expensive, but just building up to them is a good build. And for each build, set your runes and masteries accordingly for maximum advantage.

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What The Toast

Senior Member


First of all, completely ignore the rest of the posts in this thread. Maxing your Q first dramatically reduces your damage. Max your E then W then Q last. The playstle is auto attack 3 times to get 3 stacks of blight, use your E. Laugh as 40% of their health disappears from one burst combo. GG.

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Senior Member


Try to get a Leona, Alistar, Blitz, or even a Taric support. The CC they provide will let you proc out your W a lot easier.

In a poke fight, give the enemy 3 Blight stacks and pop them with your Q. In an extended fight, use your E to proc them, and if they start running, use your Q to proc the rest. Ultimate when needed here, as well.

Varus' ultimate is a great initiator. If a squishy is in front of their team, tag them with your ult, and you and your team can destroy the rest while the ult continues to spread.

Similarly, using your ult from a bush unexpectedly can net a lot of kills.

Blight procs work on Dragon, and I believe Baron as well. With Q, it can be used as a pseudo-smite.

Getting zoned? Use your Q for really, really long range farming. It doesn't cost too much, but still remember to conserve mana. Remember to let it fully charge, as well.

While taking out turrets, pop a minion every once in a while for a quick AS boost. (fairly obvious)

Varus has no mobility, so be careful against ganks. If you see the path the jungler is taking, use your E to slow them ahead of time. (EX: under tribush).

Varus outranges most of the AD carries. The exceptions are Caitlyn, Kog'Maw (only when he has his W up), Tristana at level 6, and Ashe. Use this to your advantage when poking.

Despite having no mobility, Varus has need of good positioning. Be very wary of where you are at all times.

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Ling Chi



Go AP Varus. Nuff said.

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Varus has tons of ad damage so i recommend getting 1 point in w and max last. Then level two get his q and some mana pots so you can consistently kite and poke. His abilities take up tons of mana so only get few then stay farming till level 6. Max his q first then his e for high damage and slow sustain. Then max his w last because this is mainly utility spell. Now onto the built.

For starter build:
1 mana pot
1 Hunter's machete
1 Dorans sword

mid game built:
Runaan's hurricane
Last whisper
Infinity edge
Choice of boots

End game built:
Zhonya's hourglass or rabodan's deathcap whether you are going tanky or adc
Phantom dancer

Only take this built if you rely more on minions for gold instead of kills.

During team fights try using your ult in the person in the middle so then you will snare whole team. While ult in effective use your e to slow enemies and then aim your q for massive damage and get in couple kills. Great thing about varus' range is he excels early game in bullying the lane so use his q to keep dropping enemies low so they have to back away and you get minions easily. Aska friend to leash golem cause golem is crucial to varus cause the mana and cool down greatly helps. Watch for ganks unless you can see opponents so set up where they might bAckdoor. I use varus bot so I can aim better. I recommend having another bully in lane so you completely isolate you and your ally all to the minoions. Keep doing this until the levels are so low compared to your's they will start feeding you are giving up the lane. Pretty soon other lanes will have to give up turrets for inhibitor. Recommend Darius or blitzcrank in your lane for good harass and a person. To tank ganks. This is if you want to rely on minions for guild built.