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Thoughts of the Judicator

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Reread, fixed some atrocious grammar.
Posted new post.

Another post? You bet. Again, this is just spur of the moment stuff. Nothing continuous.

Well, I just stayed up all night to complete a database assignment. I am tired. Off to class! Enjoy.

Hello, friends. I wrote this in Ethics. There is more but that will come later.

(ok, so i really wanted to write something. and since i have been having a huge writers block on other stuff, i figured, eh why not write a
short story? this was literally straight from mind to text. if there is any grammar errors, i apologize, i havent even reread this yet.)

Searing flames washed over an unfortunate caster minion. The other mindless creatures, oblivious to their brother's fate, pressed onward. Moments later, they keeled over, purple robes set ablaze. Across the piling corpses of minions, stood the enemy mage.

Kayle hissed internally. To think her own...no...that person had been long lost. Again she had to correct herself, like so many other times...and still...

The armored angel shook her head. The path was as clear as it always been. Those who wished to stray off had set their own fates. It was up to her and others to ensure that these wrong doers be brought before the scales and judged. And still, there was doubt. Always the lingering doubt. Only before her, would these clouds wash over her mind, weaken her resolve.

Lost in her own thoughts, Kayle's body shuddered as a purple cage formed over her. Her helmet masked the pain that came upon her. This cursed move hit as hard now as it had centuries ago. But, as always, she knew this was only the beginning of the pummeling. Sure enough, it began. The ground bubbled, corruption vomiting below her. To call the experience unpleasant, would have been an understatement.

After an endless moment, the cage began to weaken. With a cry, Kayle burst out. Her majestic wings began to move fervently as she began use of her own magic. Soon, a blood red orb swooped down upon her timeless foe. Internally, Kayle cringed. She had taken sustained damage, and despite all she was, she was not invincible, yet. With a struggle, her opponent managed to cast one more spell. And like so many times, Kayle found her soul shackled. In retaliation, she lit a flame her blade, and began to rain blows back to the fallen angel. Just as the the shackles were to release, a scene was replayed. Holy light would wash over the Judicator, and the creature would realize victory was impossible. In what perhaps might be seen as desperation, it would cast that damned shield and begin to backtrack. Then, after a lingering second of maybe hesitation, it would retreat. Finally, Kayle would chase, only to be stopped. What stopped her was always different, yet, always the same.

And so it happened. Neither angel would prevail. Kayle watched in silence as a stone tower stood between her and her foe. She stood, empty, heart sunk, wings folded. Then, turned, doing as she had done so many times before. Prepare for the next fight with Morgana.

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I liked how you held off "naming" the enemy until the very end. Even though we knew who it was the whole time, it just gives it a certain feel.

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(once more just a spur. i apologize once more for any bad grammar. i will reread this later and fix stuff, hopefully it will be enjoyable)

Today was another day, no more special of a day than any other. Today was another day for Judgement to be delievered. Today was another day for Justice to weigh her scales.

Today, Kayle found herself once more in the Institute's courtroom. The room was arranged as any other courtroom would be. At entrance, there was a path, flanked by wooden benches for attendees, to the high wooden podium centered in the back of the room. In front of the podium was a small raised platform for the guilty. Finally, was another raised platform adjacent to the podium. This was where Kayle stood.

The angel gazed silently as a Senior Summoner read out the charges. The words bounced off the marbles walls of the near empty room.

"Summoner Issac Askios, you stand here guilty of violation of the Summoner's Code. Murder, thievery, and abuse of the arcane arts. What say you in your defense?"

Summoner Askios was a medium built man, his simple brown robes hid both his fair skin and dark mat of short hair. He shot a nervous glance at the winged sentinel, before looking to the Senior Summoner.

"I do not deny these charges. And I understand the consequences. I merely request that I may explain myself."

The Senior Summoner was internally a little surprised to to see the man before him not beg for mercy. Explaining one's self was not a defense, or was it? The summoner was unsure, this was his first court to head. He looked to the Judicator for guidance. He received no acknowledgment from the winged being. He sighed internally, this was suppose to be a straight forward case. Guilty begs, he cuts him off, angel cuts guilty off...literally. Well, he would try to follow that format as best as possible.

"Very well, explain yourself." the Senior Summoner puffed.

Askios' body relaxed a bit at the response. With a deep breath, he began.

"Although I am a summoner, I do not live a life of luxury. In truth, I and my wife struggle to survive each day. My wife, crippled by a life in Zaun, is unable to do much. This leaves me the burden of income. For years, we edged by, if barely. But, last winter, my wife caught an illness. Unable to pay for a cure, I wallowed, fearing I would lose the only thing I cared about in this world."

Askios paused. His audience, the Judicator and Senior Summoner, were silent. The summoner seemed to be almost mildly interested, The angel, however, only continued to gaze out into the distance, or at least the bronze helmet did. In honesty, one could not tell if Kayle was even awake or not within her armor. Having caught his breath, Askios continued.

"In desperation, I turned for help from any source. Eventually, a loan-shark offered aid. He would give me a cure and in exchange, I would procure him a single health potion from the Institute. He explained that apparently potions are considered a luxury among the rich. It wasn't the price that made a potion valuable, it was its rarity. And so, with little other choice, I set out to steal a potion. The task was not easy..."

As Issac Askios explained how he managed get around what had seemed to have been the security measures defending the potions, the Senior Summoner began to feel sympathy. This man did what he did, not out of greed, but out of love. Tuning back in, the Senior Summoner found Askios beginning to grow melancholy.

"...with the potion in hand, I returned to the loan-shark. The exchange was made, and I
hurriedly moved to-"

The man's voice began to crack.

"To give the cure to my wife."

A sob.

"She died two days later. The cure I received was a cure for another disease."

For the longest while, the silence took reign of the room. The Senior Summoner looked dismayed at the tragedy unfolding before him. Sacrifice for nothing. The guilty man spoke once more, having steadied himself. Now he spoke with bitterness.

"With this knowledge, I hunted down then confronted the loan-shark. The man claimed he had filled his end the bargain. A potion for a cure. What the cure was for, was never specified. Then...then...he laughed. Before he could finish, I impaled him with a magic bolt. I found that the damned potion was still on him, so I returned it to its place. Soon after, I was caught and sent here."

Issac looked up to the Senior Summoner. His gaze questioning the Senior Summoner's soul.

"Was what I did wrong?"

The Senior Summoner was at loss. The man broke the law. And yet, everything this man had done was justified in some sense.

"N-" the Senior Summoner started. He never finished.

"Summoner Issac Askios!" a voice boomed.

For the first time, the Judicator spoke. Her aura authority could be felt by both summoners.

"You have violated the Summoner's Code. You have stolen. You have murdered. You have abused your arcane mastery. The wrongs you have committed cannot not be denied. They will not be denied."

Kayle had heard this story many times over. The tragedy of life would always draw sympathy from all, except the agents of Justice. Justice demanded no exceptions. Stealing was still stealing. Murder was still murder. An eye for an eye.

"Step forward Summoner Issac Askios. Justice must be delivered."

To his credit, Askios did as he was told. He did not struggle, he did not cower, he calmly walked toward Kayle. He then got on his knees as directed by the Judicator.

The Senior Summoner looked away as Kayle's holy blade removed the life of Issac Askios.

"We are done here summoner. Judgement has been delivered today. Justice has taken her due."

With that, Kayle left the room, leaving a shaken Senior Summoner and a bloodless corpse.

Today was another day, no more special of a day than any other. Today was another day that judgement had been delivered. Today was another day where Justice had weighed her scales.

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// well, why not write some more?

With a cast of magic, Kayle wings narrowly carried their owner away from danger. Where she was, the ground erupted, spewing spikes. Behind her mask, Kayle's eyes narrowed focusing on the enemy: Cho'gath. The creature was repulsive in every aspect. The creature was an avatar of Chaos. Its eyes glowed with malevolence. She could almost feel an aura of hatred of all things living exuding from the Void being.

She could only give a grim smile as she battered it with her flamed sword. It gave a terrible howl toward the Judicator in futile attempt to stop her. Realizing this, it hissed and began to retreat. The angel took pleasure in seeing the fruits of her labor, a trail of purple blood gushing out abomination's seared skin.

"Good, I won't have to worry about it for a bit of time." she thought, refusing to even acknowledge the creature's name.

Communicating with her summoner, she found that her ally in middle lane was struggling. The Lady of Luminosity could do little against against her foe now that both champion had their full abilities unlocked. Ironic, Kayle realized, that Kassadin and Cho'gath were on the same team. Unfortunately, the Judicator could do nothing to save Lux. While Lux's summoner desperately "pinged" for help, Kassadin warped over Lux's Light Binding and unleashed a torrent of magic. The announcer soon sounded when Kassadin's blade impaled the Demacian's stomach.

"An ally has been slain."

A pity, the Crownguard was an enjoyable person. She had the strangest laugh Kayle had ever heard. Kayle shook her head, as if to clear her thoughts. Ever since she had arrived in this world, she had begun to lose focus. Before, there was only the task at hand. Now, now these...thoughts...they came, distracted her, clouded her. There they were again! She gave a guttural growl to herself as the enemy tower exploded, washing debris and dust over her. As the dust faded, Kayle hurtled back several meters. Looking down, she found her bronze breastplate caved in, making it hard to breath.

"You didn't think you were going to get the tower for free, did ya?" asked a blue-skinned yordle.

Kayle made no response to the Megling Gunner's taunt. Instead, with a struggle, she picked herself up. Planting her feet on the ground, she readied blade and body against the attacker.

"By Bandle City, you are always so grim and silent! Never ANY fun at all." the yordle complained.

Kayle's summoner informed her Lux had been "respawned" and was on her way, all Kayle had to do was stall. Mentally nodding to summoner, Kayle then turned her attention to the Megling Gunner. Without much thought, she retorted.

"I only chose to speak with those who I believe to be..."fun"."

Her summoner facepalmed at what his champion just said, while Kayle questioned what she had just said. When did she ever try to taunt her opponents?

Amazingly, despite what Kayle admitted to be an incredibly poor taunt, Tristana's face reddened.

"Who you calling not fun?" she hollered over the blast of her over-sized cannon.

The blast hit a nearby, hapless minion. It exploded, gore spraying all over Kayle and the now deceased minions comrades. The angel grimaced as shrapnel cut into her wings. She would be grounded in this fight.

"Hu uh ha!" Tristana laughed as she continued her barrage against the Judicator and minions. She smiled listening to the explosion of minions as if it were one of Sona's concerts.

Realizing she had the range disadvantage, Kayle dove into the brush. Moving into a crouched position, she saw a dismembered purple arm fly across her visor.

"Oh come on! Don't be shy! I thought you wanted to have fun" the gunner sadistically bellowed out.

In response, the yordle was slammed with a red ball of magic. The yordle found the influx of energies were not only painful but were also impairing her movement.

"Wheee!" cried the blue dwarf as she used her cannon as an improvised rocket. Slamming right into Kayle and sending the angel flying out of the brush. As Tristana exited the foliage, she met a blast of heat. Across from her, she found the angel unmasked wielding her signature flaming sword.

"Into the fray!" Kayle bellowed, raising her blade, her fair face blemished by a stream of red blood crawling down her forehead.

From a far, a flurry of blows were released from both sides. Within seconds, Kayle's armor was shattered. The blast of cannon shredded through metal, leaving Kayle in tattered blood stained cloth, with a few bronze guards hanging precariously. Tristana recieved no better treatment. Her hair scorched. Blue skin charred to a painful third degree crisp.

For a brief moment there was a reprieve in the fight. Wounds forced Kayle to kneel, while the yordle used her cannon as a prop. The two combatants staring each other down. It was then that the angel's flaming sword went out, much to Tristana's elation.

"Silly, you should know better than try to outgun a Megling Commando!"

With that, Tristana reloaded her cannon and fired. Kayle allowed herself a small smile, as she bathed herself in light. Tristana was oblivious of the red light crossing her body. Instead, the smurf made a final taunt.

"Smile now! The second your stupid magic ends, you're cannon fodd-!"


Kayle raised her hand and covered her eyes as the blast of light engulfed the yordle and blinded her. When she could see again, she was rewarded with the sight of a petite charred figure laying on the ground.

"An enemy has been slain."

Dragging herself up, she limped to her tower. Already, she could sense the creature's return. As a pillar of blue formed around her, Kayle made a note to thank Lux later. The yordle was not...what was it?..fun.

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Upon becoming swallowed by a blue pillar of light, Kayle's battered body was whisked away from "top" lane. She arrived in her base, collapsed on all fours. There was faint sound of blood dripping. Closing her eyes, she took a few heavy breathes, letting her summoner work his magic. Crippled wings miraculously restored, bloody cloth and shards of metal gave way to shining bronze, and, finally, emerald eyes opened.

She slowly picked herself up, looking into her displaced helmet, which had appeared in her left hand. As her summoner bought the necessary tokens to boost their connection, Kayle's once more donned the face of Justice. Then, with a mighty motion, her snow white wings whisked her into the air. She set forth to combat once more.

As noted by her summoner, the time for individual combat had ended. Her allies had won bottom lane and forced their opponents, Tristana and Taric, to roam and help out other lanes. When, Kassadin received the aid of Taric, Lux's struggle for survival tipped, no, plummeted. Kayle was amazed that her savior had evaded death again for so long.

"I see my reinforcements have arrived." the light mage commented, in almost a bubbly tone, despite her poor condition. Kayle nodded.

"This match has not been a pleasant one for me Kay-".

As if on queue, a bubble of supernatural energy slammed into Lux. A faint shimmer surrounded her body, negating most of the blow.

"Indeed. Despite that, you managed to come to my aid. Thank you."

"Don't worry about that." the Demacian chirped.

With that, Kayle took a survey of the situation A glance at the tower showed that the duo's position was untenable. Chunks of stone had been blown off the monolithic structure by the Void Walker and enemy minions. These holes cackled as exposed magic reacted with the air. The structure was clearly unstable.

"Just a few more hits..." the angel thought.

"It is uncertain how long we can hold against those two."

Before Lux could respond, she stumbled. Loud stomping could be felt, much less heard. Even in the air, Kayle sense the vibrations. Her confusion turned to intense discomfort as an unnatural behemoth emerged from nearby foliage gave a unearthly scream. While Kayle and Lux grimaced at the sound, the minions caught in the blast crumpled. Crushing the corpses, it gave a warped excuse for a smile as it was rewarded with the crunching of frail bodies giving way to its weight. Its "smile" only grew as it caught sight of Kayle, drool dripping out of its agape mouth.

Kayle was not the one to be unnerved, but she could only give a slight shudder as she recognized what the creature wished to do to her. Its mouth gave her mind unpleasant imagery.

Lux, oblivious to the tacit exchange between angel and void-being, optimistically informed her that the dragon had been slain by their team. Sure enough, her summoner confirmed the news. Lux continued.

"Not only that, but they are on their way to help us out!" Lux exclaimed.

Kayle said nothing. Both the Judicator and summoner could sense something was wrong. Although the enemy trio could have pushed for the tower, they seemed content in staying back. Not only this, but two enemy champions were nowhere to be seen. Then it hit.

The Judicator and her summoner cried out.


The warning was too little, too late.

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(reserved for later to fit with above post)

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(there is an author that wrote a story about an angel named Michael. I hope you don't mind me using his name, I make no claim of the idea being my own. That goes straight to you.)

"You do not have go."

Somber silence. Two pair of emerald eyes lock.

"Everything we have worked for. All our sacrifice. For this moment...please..."

Desperate plea.

But what could she say? She could not say she was tired. She could not say she wanted to stay. She could not say why she was the one that had to go. She could not. She would not.

"I am sorry, Michael."

"I...I understand." The normally stoic angel cracked for just a second. But, it was enough. Kayle let out a tear as she turned, helm in hand. As she took a step forward, a gloved hand grabbed her shoulder. As she spun, another hand took her head and directed it. She could only close her eyes as her lips made contact. Her heart throbbed. Her cheeks flushed. This moment was the happiest moment she had ever had. And then...the moment was gone. As they released, she could only give a whisper.

"Goodbye, my love."

She would receive the same as she once more headed to the blue pillar.

"Goodbye, Kayle."

And with that she entered the portal.

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Also, comments would be much appreciated. I apologize to AerithRayne for never responding. Thank you for the praise.

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I like how this is more of a series of one-shots than a story. For some reason, I kinda like it.

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Hmm, there is an elegance to telling a story through one-shots. That was the idea.