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Lynni - The Enchantress (Semi-New game-mechanic)

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Trout Rider

Junior Member


Main thoughts on creation:
1 - I wanted a champion that had abilities that messed with the tenacity stat and support seemed the best role for that
2 - fiddle has a mr debuff passive but no one has an armor debuff passive
3 - we have a mage that flaunts her sexiness (Ahri) and an AD carry that flaunts her sexiness (MF) so lets make a support that does as well
4 - I hate taric
5 - Charm is another form of CC and shouldn't be just an Ahri thing

Passive - Disarming Presence: Lynni draws enemies into a false sense of security making them lower their guard.
All nearby enemies have their armor reduced by 10 + 1 x lvl

Q - Mind Break: Lynni uses her powers of manipulation to blast her enemies with a mental blow. Charmed enemies mind's are extra susceptible to manipulation.
Deals 60/80/100/120/140 + (.3 AP Ratio) Magic Damage.
Auto-Attacks on charmed targets apply Mind Break's damage.
Range: 550
Cooldown: 6 seconds

W - Kiss: [On Ally] Lynni blows an enchanted kiss to her ally clearing their mind and revitalizing them.
Removes all Crowd Control effects and heals the target for 70/95/120/145/170 + (.4 AP Ratio) HP
Range: 500
[On Enemy] Lynni catches her enemy off guard with a kiss bending their mind to her will.
Deals 80/100/120/140/160 + (.6 AP Ratio) Magic Damage and Charms her target for 1.5 seconds.
Range: Melee
Cooldown: 13 seconds

E - Enchant: [On Ally] Lynni uses her magic to bolster her ally's resolve.
Increases the target's tenacity by 10/15/20/25/30 for 2 seconds.
Range: 500
[On Enemy] Lynni lures her enemies closer with her irresistible charm.
Reduces enemy tenacity to 0 for 2 seconds and then Charms her target for .5 seconds.
Range: 500
Cooldown: 5 seconds

R - Blinding Charm: Lynni channels all of her manipulative magics blasting all nearby enemies with the full extent of her beauty making them unable to look anywhere else. If anything were to happen to Lynni during this time all would feel a tragic loss and emptiness.
Reduces the vision range of all enemies within 1000units to an area 100units outside their hitbox as well as 100units around Lynni's hitbox for 3 seconds. If Lynni is killed while Blinding Charm is active all enemies affected by Blinding Charm suffer 100/150/200 + (.6 AP Ratio) Magic Damage.

Lynni would be a mana-based support champion with 550 attack range

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Trout Rider

Junior Member


Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, or why you think Lynni might be op would be helpful.