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[Champion Concept]

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Champion Name:

The Harbinger of the Waters


Fighter, Assassin, Mage(maybe)


Attack Power: |||||||||||||||||||||||
Defense Power: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Ability Power: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Difficulty: ||||||||||||||||||||||||


Self-Supplying (Passive)
The more health that Aquios has, the more powerful his abilities are. The reasoning behind is as follows: Aquios' anchor for his spells are water based making himself the best source to draw from.

Augmenting Hydrosphere (Q)
Starts out as a small sphere of water that very slowly follows a target and grows in size and damage the longer its following its target, if it reaches maximum capacity it will deal splash and [maybe] stun.

Transmogrify: Liquid (W)
Channels for 1 second and then morphs into a ball of water, moving at extreme speed to the target (targets ground, not unit) dealing small damage on the way and dealing medium AoE at target

Tidal Pool (E)
(Somewhat like a weaker version of Galio's ultimate) Channels for a few moments and then creates a tidal pool, slowly pulling in nearby units and champions, while doing so, Aquios gains a temporary shield (doesn't make him invulnerable) and can be targetable, after maybe five seconds of this, the Tidal pool explodes and deals only a little bit of damage and stuns each target (damage can possibly be based off of how much remaining shield he has) and knocking them back.

Tsunami (R)
After a few seconds of channeling a huge tsunami passes through where Aquios is facing and deals damage to every unit in a large area (about the size of the screen when in "Full screen mode&quot, after being hit, units are slowed.

I am not very good at drawing and I'm sorry I did not draw a picture but I can at least give a full-scale description. Aquios is humanoid and made of water. His feet are flat and spherical (meaning no elongated feet with toes). Hid hands are humanoid as well and basically his whole body is just made of water besides a core near the center of chest is that glows blue, this can be the source of his mana (passive). His face has no mouth and no nose just deep blue eyes that have no pupils. There are small drops of water floating around him. I could possibly make a drawing although I cannot promise it will be nearly as great as the drawing your company makes.