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Is this champion someone you would play?

Yes, sounds like something I would give a try. 3 75%
No, the idea is absurd. 1 25%
Voters 4 .

Spynocerus - The Horned Ninja

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Many of my friends always talk about more ninja-like champions would be cool so I came to this idea. We have a male ninja (shen) a female ninja (akali) and the small one (kennen). So how about a big bulky ninja?

The character concept for this would be a rhinoceros ninja. AD melee range using his fists and legs (kenpo style).

Passive: Charged Horn

Every 10 seconds the ninja's horned is charged for the next basic attack dealing extra 35/60/90(+0.4 ap ratio) magic damage and knocking the enemy champion up in the air.

Skill 1: Stampede

The Horned ninja runs to target location with brute force knocking enemies along the way to the side dealing 100/150/200/250/300( +1.0 ad ratio) physical damage to all enemies in target location. (Enemies in path receive 60% of original damage).

Skill 2: 3 Hit Combo

For the next 3 basic attacks Spynocerus's attacks gain 30/35/40/45/50% attack speed and deal an additional 20/30/40/50/60(+0.5 ad ratio)(+0.3 ap ratio) physical damage. The last hit will slow enemy down by 30% of their movement speed for 2.0s/2.25s/2.5s/2.75s/3.0s (flat rate).

Skill 3: Scroll of Shield

The ninja casts a scroll of shielding (either to self or to an allied champion) gaining additional 10/15/20/25/35 armor and magic resist with a shield blocking 75/125/175/250/325 damage.

Casting on an enemy champion reduces target's armor and magic resist by 10/15/20/25/35 and deals 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.4 ap ratio) magic damage. (Enemy champion is marked)

Ultimate: Charged Punched
(Can only target enemy champion)

Spynocerus gains 50/60/65% movement speed for 10 seconds. For each second that Spynocerus hasn't attack any enemy champion (for the 10 second duration) he gains an additional 5/10/15 attack per second. Enemy champion struck takes 250/300/350 (+0.5 ad ratio) physical damage. Enemy struck is knocked forward. (Note: Does not stack with Skill 2)

The reason behind his skills:

Passive: the reason I decided to make it magic damage makes it so he's not an overwhelming AD melee champion. The 10 seconds to charge makes it reasonable and makes it so now you have to judge your timing.

Skill 1:
this skin isn't just run in a straight like sort of damage like Draven's skill. It's more like Malphites Ult where the ninja runs to to target radius and deals damage. The knocking enemies to the side can set up for different strategic ganks.

Skill 2: Being a ninja shows that the champion should have some quick skills and being a big brute he should have some damage. The 3 hit combo is a great way to show that and give the champion the damage it needs.

Skill 3: For those who would play the AD melee a tank or jungler or even a viable support in team fights, this skill allows you to either save yourself, team mates, or maybe focus on one of the enemies in the team fight. The reason I made this skill AP is because being AD ratio would just make the champion overbearing and give him too much sustain.

Can be used for several strategic points making this skill very viable. It could be used to hit the enemy champion towards your team, away from you or your allies, or even just to run away as an escape.

As for the energy consumption I'm not sure what would be the right rate so maybe you players out there can comment and leave some suggestions or feedback on this champion that'd be great.