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Champ Suggestions, Lots of them!

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I have several champions to show you guys, each one kinda seems... confusing.
Each one is powerful in his own way, some hard to counter.
If they are bolded, they are important for that champion.

Without further ado, here they are!

Derago, Price of the Dead

Derago is a true damage based champion who is an AP/AD assassin, if he has enough AP/AD. Derago can inflict tons of damage if he has damage upgrades. He deals very little base damage, requires minion kills, and has nearly no cc. He wields a scythe, and has high melee range. (250)

Passive: Death's Grip
Derago draws strength from killing, gaining DP(Death Points) Per kill. Weaker minions give low DP, buff minons give more decent DP, but not too much, dragon and baron give high DP, and champions give 1/2 DP of baron/dragon kills.

20 DP from mini minions,
50 DP from big minions,
100 DP from Buff minions,
250 DP from champion kills (half from assists)
500 DP from Baron and Dragon.

DP cap, 1000.

Q: Scythe Slash(120/110/100/90/80 DP, 13/11/9/7/5 second CD)

Derago slashes with his scythe, dealing 20/40/60/80/100(+50% AP) true damage twice to enemies. Each one passes through minions, but stops at a champion.

W: Death's Trial (140/130/120/110/100 DP, 10 second CD after ending the effect.)

Derago suppresses himself and his opponent, dealing 1/2/3/4/5%(+1% AP) true damage to the opponent, and 90/80/70/60/50%(+5%AP) damage the opponent takes to himself.
He can activate this ability again to stop the effect.

E: Scythe Slam (90/80/70/60/50 DP, 18/16/14/12/10 second CD)

Derago summons his scythe, enlarges it, and slams it to target location, dealing 30/60/90/120/150(+35% AP, 75% total AD) to the targets hit. If the opponent stands in this area, any healing done will fail for 3 seconds if they stand in the area.

R/Ult: Reviving Swing (200/150/100 DP, 300/250/200 second CD)

Derago swings his scythe around him, dealing 100/150/200(+100% AD, 50% AP) AOE true damage around him, leaving a trail of death, dealing 50/75/100(+35% AP) to opponents hit for 3 seconds, dealing this damage every second of that time. If an opponent is slain after killing an ally, the ally is revived, and the opponent takes 20% of the death timer of that ally. Additionally, if they get a multikill, the opponent takes 10% of the death timers of each ally killed, reviving those allies. If they have a killing spree, They take longer to revive:

3-4 spree: 1.2x timer
5-7 spree: 1.5x timer
8+ spree: 2x timer.

Tips and Tricks:

As Derago:

-Derago's Suppress can be used after he gets a kill or assist to make sure the last opponent doesn't escape.
-If against healing opponents, the Scythe Slam can make sure you get a kill or two.
-Staying back is a good idea for Derago, if you are in a losing game.

Against Derago:

-Derago is very weak before he gets DP. Focus and kill him first.
-Derago's abilities are weak, but deadly if he has damage. try to avoid his attacks.
-Move out of Derago's Scythe Slam area if you have any heals; then attack him.

Terra, the Earthshaker

Terra is a very deadly opponent, his abilities become more powerful at low health. He is an off tank or bruiser, and a very annoying one.

Passive: Focus of Strength

Terra focuses his power at lower amounts of health, increasing his abilities effects at 75/25% Hp. Additionally, for every 1% Health missing, he takes 1% reduced damage, capping at 25%.

Q: Headcracker (18/16/14/12/10 second CD)

Terra jumps and slams the opponent in the head, dealing 50/100/150/200/250(+100% AD) Physical damage, and stunning for 1 second, plus 0.5 seconds per 18/16/14/12/10% health missing. Applies on hit effects.

25% Missing Health bonus: increases physical damage by 10%
75% Missing Health bonus: increases physical damage by 30%, and the additional stun duration is doubled.

W: Stomp Shock (27/24/21/18/15 second CD after 2nd use.)

Terra slams his foot on the ground, dealing 10/20/30/40/50(25% AD) magic damage to opponents in the area, and removing 10% of the enemies movement speed. If the opponent's movement speed is 500 or higher, they will stumble if they move for 3 seconds for 1 second, interrupting all movement speed buffs and stunning them once they stop moving.
Additionally, for 3 seconds afterwards, that 10% of movement speed stolen can be used to knock back the opponent, dealing 125% AD and knocking them back the opponent by 110/120/130/140/150% of the speed stolen.

25% Missing Health Bonus: Increases range by 10%, and movement speed stolen by 5%
75% Missing Health Bonus: Increases range by 25%, and movement speed stolen by 15%. Additionally, you deal 175% AD in replacement of the 125%.

E: Fist Dive (24/21/18/15/12 second CD)

Terra charges for 3 seconds then dashes with his fist, dealing 75/125/175/225/275(+150% AD) physical damage, and pushing all opponents to your location, if you hit any.
Using this ability early will not deal as much damage, but dash the same amount.

25% Missing Health Bonus: Increases damage by 10%
75% Missing Health Bonus: Increases damage by 25%, and distance traveled by 50%.

R/Ult: Finisher (120/100/80 second CD)

Terra rushes to target location, kicks up all enemies in range, and slams them all to the ground, dealing 50/75/100(+75% AD) damage knocking them up, and 100/150/200(+125% AD) knocking them down. It takes 3 seconds to finish the entire thing.

25% Missing Health bonus: Deals 10% additional damage
75% Missing Health bonus: Deals a third strike knocking all opponents away, dealing 200/300/400(+150% AD) physical damage.

Tips and Tricks:

As Terra:

-Skullcracker can be used to kill an opponent under turret if they dive you.
-Fist Dive can knock opponents over walls, to separate them, or to escape. Figure out which to do and when.
-Stomp Shock is a heavy counter to fast moving opponents.

Against Terra:

-Be careful of Skullcracker or Fist Dive, each one can result in you being killed.
-Terra can escape pretty easily. Be careful if he hasn't used Fist Dive, as he may knock you into his allies.
-Do short stops after Terra uses stomp shock, so you don't stumble. Stumbling will cancel abilities such as Rammus's Power Ball.

I will add more Champions to this list later, as I have more! But it does take a ton of time to write this all out. Tomorrow 2 more will be added, and I hope you like them!