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Ranien, Shaman of the Vale

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Take a look, tell me what you think.
If this champ sounds ok then I will workout stats, looks, and other characteristics.

Innate: Shamanistic Visions
When Ranien casts a spell, he will summon 2 Vale Spirits for 4 sec. If Ranien casts another spell before the Vale Spirits expire, he will summon one extra spirit (up to 5 max) and refresh their life time.
Vale spirits are altered by the most recent spell Ranien casts

Q- Fog of Wings
Ranien summons a Swarm of flies in target area for 4 seconds. Enemies in AOE take 20/30/40/50/60 (+.20 AP) per second. Champions who are exposed to Fog of wings for 3 seconds become paranoid (Fear effect) for .5 seconds.
Vale Spirits are transform into Blood Flies. Blood flies are not effected by unit collisions and deal 33% of your current AP as damage per second to enemies. Blood flies Will alway target champions in proxy. Blood wasps Last 4 seconds

W- Viral Torrent
Ranien vomits in a line in front of him, dealing 45/60/75/90/105 (+.25 AP) to the first enemy hit and 50% to all enemies hit after.
Vale Spirits are transformed into Viruses, jumping from enemy to enemy each second. Each enemy hit is effected is effected with a disease dealing .10 of your AP as damage per second and slowing them by 15% for 3 seconds

E- Wild Regrowth
Heals Target for 10/10.5/11/11.5/12/(+1%/100 AP) of their total health over 5 seconds.
Vale Spirits are transformed into Mystic Vines, that become stationary and whip in an area around them for 4 seconds, each rotation taking 1 second. Allies hit by vines are healed for 1% of their total health each time they are hit.

R- Dance of the Deadwood
Toggle on/off. Costs 5/4/3% of your total mana each second. While activated, vale spirits will not die when their time runs out. If Ranien is killed while doing the dance, he consumes all Vale spirits active restoring 3% of his total health per spirit consumed.

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I like that he is a mix between Malz and Zyra but that being said I think he is too much like malz with the passive. Still a neat concept just try reworking a bit