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Riot Games, the LoL Creators

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Passive: Nerf Irelia; Whenever any champion is deemed overpowered, Irelia will immediately be nerfed down to a pulp.

Q: New Champion; Passive: Every month, Riot Games will release an overpowered new champion that anally ****s every other champion it comes in contact with. Active: Riot Games nerfs that new champion to the ground, rendering them useless.

W: Blatant Disregard; Riot Games will immediately forget all pressing matters at hand. Any proof that a champion is overpowered and requires a nerf will be forgotten. Cooldown: 0 seconds.

E: WTF WERE YOU THINKING?; Riot Games remakes a random champion by picking their name out of a hat. They then nerf another random skill of this random champion to the ground, rendering it useless.

R: TONS OF DAMAGE; Passive: Phreak starts the game at level 18. Active: Phreak releases a Summoner Spotlight, in which he jungles no matter WHAT CHAMPION HE IS PLAYING.

Role: Ranged Melee Tanky DPS Assassin Mage Tank Support Jungler.

I would buy it...

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I see what you did there... let's see if it's mutual...

Passive : Balance
Whenever Irelia is deemed to be too strong she will be nerfed to a level where she will still see competitive play

Q : Novelty
Passive : Every months, Riot will release a champion that nobody knows how to counter-play and thus learn the new champ. This is sure to add multiple deaths to the balance.
Active : Riot Games tweak that new champion who lacked an obvious weakness.

W : Focus
Active : Cleanse yourself from any QQ the community rambles about to focus about the champion who actually needs tweaks or remakes.

E : Making it fun
Riot Games takes an old forgotten champ who hasn't seen the Fields of Glory in the past 4 months and remove all the "unfun" patterns in his kit. The resulting champ may need tweaking since it is basically a new champ with the same name.

Passive : Any time you die will be counted as executed, this way it'll actually be worth it instead of only you trying to convince us...
Active : Phreak takes one of the numerous champion to the jungle to prove players how everyone can actually jungle in this game, including annie.

Role: Ranged Melee Tanky DPS Assassin Mage Tank Support Jungler Rioter.