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Support The Samurai

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Hello LoL fans, this is Grumpykroc here, posting my first thread on LoL.net. Any advice/criticism/ideas you have while reading this thread please let me know, and I hope you will move from this thread demanding riot to release a samurai champion!

The reason for this thread is because I wanted to voice and support the opinion that League of Legends should include a samurai in their champion pool. The idea of Samurai is fairly popular in mainstream culture and anime, and especially strong in Japan. While we do have the Samurai Yi, that is just a skin, I think a full blown champion based on the historic samurai, or even based on a shogun would be pretty awesome.

I do not view Master Yi as a samurai, I could see his champion design being inspired by samurai, I do not view him as one. I see him more as a swordsman master, a martial artist, a practitioner of the Wuju Art, not the Bushido Code.

A little bit of background, when I refer to samurai, I refer to the medieval warrior class of Japan. They had their own interesting culture, and their own views on what it meant to be part of the warrior class. Hopefully, these ideas, some of which I'll express below, would be used in this champions lore and abilities.

A Shogun was known as the military leader of medieval Japan. You could simplify Shogun as something like a top general, and leader of samurai.

The Bushido Code was the code of honor that all Samurai held in high esteem, and adhered too.

Now, there are some concepts and ideas that could go into building this samurai champ.

1)What kind of role should a samurai champ have?

Top Bruiser/Top Caster/Tanky Mid/Support Off Tank/Mid Caster

Well, the matter of what role a samurai would have on league of legends is debatable, but a samurai should be on the front lines.

Samurai did not view favorably on striking from the shadows, this generally would seem dishonorable to them.

-That being said, this samurai champ should not be an assassin, and I would not recommend making him viable as a jungler, due to junglers often need to lurk in a bush to wait for ganking opportunities.

-Now if we wanted to make a samurai an assassin or jungler, we could have him be possibly a disgraced samurai, or a reverse samurai, someone who goes against the traditional Bushido Code.


I think a samurai champion should be able to be built as an AD Champion, an AP Champion, or the way I think he/she should be dominantly played, a Hybrid Champion.

The reason why I believe a samurai champion should be hybrid instead of merely all physical, is because samurai did not just believe in physical strength, they believed in both strengthening the body and the mind.

Also, I believe a samurai would be more of a duelist than a team player, but a Shogun on the other hand is a leader of men, and he could provide buffs similar to Taric’s Shatter in team fights.

I do not have a full out blown ability skill set to give you, mostly because I simply want to spread the idea of a Samurai Champion, rather than promote my own champion, but I do have some ideas. Following are some ideas on what a Samurai Champion could have.

1) Bushido Code. A samurai is an adherant to the bushido code, he could use this code as some sort of steroid, either to boost his offensive or defensive stats, or maybe a mix of both. This could have both a passive boost and an active boost.

2)Duel Wield. Samurai often carried two swords on them, a longer katana, and a shorter tanto. The tanto was sometimes decorative and was not used in combat. This ability could be activated to allow the samurai champion to use both swords to increase his damage output for a short period of time. This could also have a passive boost.

3)Peace Binding-In Medieval Japan, when a samurai wanted to show he was peaceful he would tie a knot around his sword and katana, making it unable to be drawn. This ability might passively give the samurai some sort of boost, and then when activated it discards the Peace Binding to increase his damage.

4)Soul of the Sword-It is a popular meme, like in Bleach for example, that a weapon has its own unique personality and characteristics. This is an ability which might give increased critical strike chance or attack speed, as the communion between sword and swordsman increases his damage output.

5) Shogun’s Ascension-This ability probably sounds like an ultimate, in which case your right, it is an ultimate. I see this as a way to drastically boost the samurais combat stats, and also provide smaller boosts to his entire team in a short radius. It is based on one samurai rising to reach the top position shogun.

Edit: 11/15/2012 I realize that reading this list of abilities is basically just reading passive and active boosts 5 different times, however in my opinion of how I believe a true samurai should behave, it wouldn't really involve flashy abilities and be more about finishing the fight.

Again I don’t have a definitive lore to give to you. I feel like it is possible for this champion to come from Ionia, to be disgraced in Noxus, or even to come from Demacia.

Edit 11/15/2012 With the release of champion Zed, and seeing how Zed is one ninja against three, I would really enjoy seeing the possible samurai champ be an ally of Zed, or a servant to him.

My favorite idea for this samurais lore is for to him to actually come from the time of the Rune Wars. The samurai could actually be a very old person who still knows the ways of combat, or was transported to present day by a spell.


Well, again this isn’t me trying to get my own champion created, so I don’t really have a name, however, I think the character would deserve to be named after one of the historical shoguns of Japan. The champion might simply be known as the samurai.

I believe a samurai champion could be either male or female.

Edit 11/15/2012: Some people (women are people) have remarked about how sexual the female champs are, and the response Ive seen from rioters (e.g. IronStylus) have said that this is something the design team is looking into and is working to make newer female champs have different body types, and also different ages. I think the samurai theme could be very effectively used by a older, mature, women whose body type can't just be grouped with nearly all other human female champs.

Edit: 11/15/2012-I've heard that black goes well with everything, and I like the idea that the color black could be used to tie in either with Zed's shadows, the Shadow Isle champs, and possibly even with Zarus blight, (though Zarus is more purple, I'd think it'd tie in with the corruption)

Energy-I really enjoy the fact that all the ninja champions so far use energy, I think it'd be nice if a samurai to attempt to keep the theme similar. That being said, I could also enjoy the contrast of a samurai using mana and ninja using energy.

Death Animation-Samurai deeply cared for their swords, if the samurai champion is killed or executed his sword might shatter. The samurai might also believe they have failed in their duty, and issue a phrase like “I have failed”.

Hidden Passives
Just a couple idea for Hidden Passives for a Samurai Champ.
1) Taunt-In Japan, only the Samurai were allowed to handle katana, when this samurai champ is in combat against another champion wielding a sword, he could have a unique taunt. Along the lines of, "You don't deserve to wield a sword."
2) Bush-While lurking in bush for an especially long period of time, a samurai might make an offhand comment, "What am I, a ninja?"
3) Ninja-When killing or getting killed by an enemy ninja, a samurai might have a taunt like “Your ninja arts are nothing to Bushido” or “Ohh,... always the shadows.”

The End

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you will let me know what you think, please post any and all ideas/comments/criticism, though I will ask the criticism to be constructive and to try and help me improve. I also hope that if you also want a Samurai Champion that you will try to let others know about this thread and support it.

Thanks very much,