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Chiron the Plaguebearer

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This is just an idea...Edit it how you want, but give me credit for what I created.

Champion Name: Chiron the Plaguebearer
*No picture yet. A very, very degraded looking plague doctor with the long beak mask, a crooked wooden staff with spindly limbs on the top, and a vial containing purple fluid. The eyepieces are cracked and small plumes of purple gas stream from the cracks.

Support/Ap carry
Short version
"The ghost towns on the outskirts of Valoran still cry from the victims of the plague that spread rampant years before. No one knew where this plague came from, no one knew what spread it. The only thing the survivors remember is the genteel plague doctors roaming the streets administering medicine at a cost. But there were tales told by some of a doctor who wasn't quite the same. Survivors spoke of one who wandered alone in the most afflicted districts with solemn, slow movements. No one ever spoke to him, he never spoke back. Many, many years later. A plague doctor who matched his exact description wandered to Summoner's palace. He asked one thing, and one thing only "I need more subjects to test my cures on, could you perhaps aid me in this pursuit?" The summoners accepted him."
-Some say he created the plague, others say he wants to cure it. Personally, I think he created it to cure it… -Swain

Damage () (+ per level)
Health () (+ per level)
Mana () (+ per level)
Move Speed ()
Armor ()(+ per level)
Magic Resist () (+ per level)
Health Regen () (+ per level)
Mana Regen () (+ per level)

Recommended Items:

Abilities: Ranged champion.
Passive: Plaguebearer: Chiron coughs out a cloud of plague everytime he accumulates 150 received damage. The cloud lasts 2 seconds and deals (10+(10xlevel)) poison damage every second to exposed enemies and slows 10%

Q: Infect: Chiron swings his staff and sends out a low cloud of plague that slowly seeks out the nearest enemy, dealing () damage on contact and then () damage per second afterwards. The cloud lasts () seconds. When an enemy ( including minions) is killed by this ability the cloud refreshes itself.

Cost: Low
Cooldown: Short-med
W: Cure trial #143: Chiron throws out a vial that explodes on the target location. Friendlies hit by it are healed () hp and gain () ad and ap for 5 seconds. Enemies hit by it are silenced and poisoned for () damage per second for 5 seconds.

Cost: High
Cooldown: Med-high
E: Mutate:
Passive: Reduces cooldowns by () per level and increases the damage from his abilities by () percent.
Active: For () seconds, all of his abilities apply a () percent slow for 3 seconds.

R: Spew: Chiron tears his mask off and is surrounded by clouds of plague all around him. Enemies in the clouds take () damage per second and have their vision reduced to only the inside of the cloud. In addition, Chiron’s Infect moves faster and his passive requires only 75 damage to activate during this.

Cost: high
Cooldown: long

Playing As:
-Use your abilities to split the enemy team as much as possible.
-Activate mutate during your ulti or before tossing a cure trial to ensure maximum disruption.
-Remember to use your mutate with your passive to help your escape.
Playing Against:
-Avoid getting split up by his abilities, keep him back.
Animations and Effects:
Idle: Lifts his vial before his face and twirls it, examining the contents. Lifts his staff holds it out as smoke billows off the end. Coughs unstoppably, each time a smoke cloud coming from his mask.
Moving: Walks with a slow, unsteady gait, using his staff to assist himself.
Autoattacking: Throws a vial at the enemy with a short burst of purple fumes around them.
Passive Activated: Coughs really hard and makes a small cloud.
Q: The top of his staff spews out plague and he swings it towards the foe. It’s a slow moving line of purple fumes that chase the nearest enemy.
W: Throws the vial from his left hand. Explodes in a green gas cloud that twirls around allies but engulfs enemies.
E: The purple/green gas clouds sparkle slightly and the afflicted enemies turn slightly purple.
R: The clouds circle around him and his face is masked by the gas flowing from the missing mask.
Death: He drops to his knees with fumes spewing from him, then falls flat on the ground and deflates as more fumes leave him.

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