A Conjurer

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Apperance: An old man with a long white beard, and long white hair. He wears old rags for cloaths and sits on the back of a super-minion like thing (which he also summons for Brute Bodyguard).
He attacks by having the super-minion he's riding hit the enemy (so he's melee)

Soul Tear: Every 10 attacks he spawns a minion
Bodyguards: Spawns 6 minions who defend him
(Cool Down: 30s)
Heal Allies: Heal all minions for 50(LVL1), 100(LVL2), 150(LVL3), 200(LVL4)
(Cool Down: 60s)
Brute Bodyguard: Spawn a Super-minion who defends him
(Cool Down: 60s)
Duplicate: Duplicate target champion to defend him
(Cool Down: 240s)

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Too many summon/minion garbage. It's over done. We don't need people who make more things on the map. We have enough of those. I'm not bashing your champion at all, but I feel that League is ruined by those who spawn multiple "minions". Makes it to be too overwhelming.

Not to mention your CDs are RIDICULOUSLY large. The lowest CD is 30 seconds?
No thank you. I wouldn't play him if his cooldowns were even half what they are. Needs a little more thought.

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