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New Dragon-like Champion?

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Why I did this:
Having Shyvana as the only dragon related champion is kind of disappointing,since its a female character and I don't like playing as them as I am the opposite gender.So I proposed another dragon related character,such as this one.
I'll leave the name and story for someone else to decide,and stats,though he should be a bit even between attack and health.
Update:His attacks now are different depending on how close you are!
The character is going to be based off of a draconian,which is a bipedal dragon.If you haven't played any games with them,you won't know what I'm talking about.
I'll give a picture if I can.

Draco the Draconian

Innate Ability
Weak Points:
Draco's critical strike chance is increased against a champion in close proximity to him.

Flame Strike:
Attacks for 90/120/185/235/295(Physical Damage)

Flame Drop:
If opponents are close to Draco he drops from the sky and brings a flaming sword down,slowing opponents hit for 2 seconds.Also does magic damage to units within an AoE radius(About as big as Cho'Gath's feast).

AoE Damage:20/40/60/80/100
Reinforced Scales
Increases Armor by 2(+1 every other ability level increase)

Spike Scales:
If he is on top of an opponent,he causes 5 magic damage to all opponents around him(Again,as big as the Feast attack).Also gains 4 armor.Can launch them to do physical damage,but loses 2 armor for 5 seconds and removes Spiked Scales/Reinforced Scales buff.This buff/attack can be used while having Reinforced Scales buff,but Reinforced Scales buff will be removed.

Damage(Spiked Scales launch Attack):30/50/80/120/150
Impaling Charge
Rushes forward and hits any opponent in the way.If the enemy is a champion,the champion will be dragged along with him and be unable to move or attack during the duration of the attack(If they are hit).If Draco collides with a wall,he will become suppressed for 1 second.

Other Form
Impaling Stab:
Does 150 true damage to any unit.Causes opponent to bleed(Can stack only once)(Same thing as Darius' Hemorage)
True Form:
Becomes a dragon,going on all fours,gaining 15% more movement speed for the duration of the transformation.This lasts for 30 seconds or until Meteor Fall attack is completed.

Meteor Fall
While in effect True Form,Draco will gain the ability to use this.Draco cannot be damaged once this attack hits its target and activates
Draco leaps forward and grabs.Any champion caught he will take into the sky.After 1.5 seconds, Draco will come back down and damage the opponent for physical damage.The attack will cause the field in a surrounding area to be scorched,slowing opponents in the field and causing 5 magic damage to the per second every time they are on the field.

Hope I didn't make him too overpowered

Note:Counter-part attacks can only activate on a adjacent champion or boss minion(Dragon or Barron).

By the way,please comment and rate it.

Edit 9/1/2012:I gave him a name now(Though it is unoriginal)
Yes,I know Draco was a serpent but Draco sounds more like a dragons name.
Lol and I also found out he was a Athenian law scribe that made small crimes have heavy punishments.
Also a band-_-

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Made a few edits to moves.
I know now that I'm not supposed to go all out,but I really wanted this idea champion to have these aspects.
The LoL crew can change it any way they want if they see a problem or something.

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Edited Ultimate so it seems more fair
I haven't decided how much damage it should do yet..