PROOF that Xin is OP and Gaglomaria is a feeder...

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Originally Posted by Deekahn View Post
I only bought the second IE because it was when we just had the nexus left to take down and I was in a rush to get over there, I usually don't even buy any IE's, just load up on my 3 BF's and if the game isn't over yet, I upgrade one by one. Second IE didn't even come in to play because by the time I left my base the minions had destroyed their nexus.

My build may make people sad, may not be approved, but it hasn't stopped me from getting several 25-32 kill games.

I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it... hell, when I first started, I went all attack speed and no attack damage whatsoever and still would womp on people.

As for my ultimate, to be honest, most of the time I use it, is on a single enemy right after they get popped up in the air - the cool down is ridiculously low so I rarely ever worry about conserving it.
It's because you're still on newbie Island.