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So does my internet hate this game or...

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So, since the Miss Fortune patch however long ago, I've been having some serious lag problems.

And not just the client problems at champ select that people have been talking about, but like in game lag problems.

It's not consistent lag, my latency is supposedly only 85-100, and it's gotten better the past day or two, but at it's worst, every 5-10 minutes of every game I play, my computer completely locks up (not fps wise, but latency wise) and then everyone starts like moonwalking backwards, and i usually end up dead 2 turrets behind me (so like if it's the beginning of the game I'll have been at the outer turret, and then i click behind that turret, and when I finally stop lagging I'm next to the inner turret or further back >.&gt

But like, I don't have any lag problems in any other online games I play, but when I ask in /all if anyone else is lagging, occasionally one person, rarely two, will say yeah, but most of the time people will make fun of my internet or something of the sort.

So, has anyone else been having lag problems since the MF patch? I never had problems till that patch, and it wasn't even bad until like a couple days after the patch came out. But it's become so bad that I feel bad playing even normal games because I just feed, so I've been forced to play 1v5 bot games (it isn't very much fun. Allistar bot is awful. When they push the outer turret he's at inhibitor turret killing creeps and just dies over and over -_-)

So, if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, or if anyone could reassure me that I'm not the only one with this problem, that would be great. I called my isp but they said there's nothing wrong with my connection, so I don't think it's a problem on my end, but maybe they lied, idk.

Thanks (: