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Atttn All You Pro Corkey Playerz: Neede Hallps!

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This is how I play him:

Merc Treads
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Starks Ferver

Armor pen, cd reduction, mp5 runes
Flat health quints.

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War on Drugs

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dont listen to these people trust me.


Obama, is that you messing around on the intrawebs again?

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With this build I've gotten two pentas with corki in about 50 games with him. All credit goes to xahhfink6 for making this awesome Corki build.

Note: This is with my own little tweak, the original guide can be found here: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=189661

Quintessences: 32 health x3
Blues: Mana regeneration per level x9
Yellows : Mana regeneration per level x9
Reds: Armor Penetration

Summoner spells : Ghost + Flash.
Note: These spells are used in conjunction with Valkyrie to escape tricky situations, and because as you get legendary, you will be the prime focus of their whole team, and without these spells you are ****ED.

Masteries: 3/6/21
3/3 Deadliness
3/3 Resistance
3/3 Hardiness

3/3 Perseverence
1/1 Improved Ghost
4/4 Awareness
3/3 Meditation
2/2 Utility Mastery
3/3 Quickness
1/1 Blink of an eye
3/3 Intelligence
1/1 Presence of the Master

Skill order


Start: 2x Health potion 2x Mana potion, Cloth Armor
First recall: Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury Treads (parts if early recall)
As the game progresses: Black Cleaver, Infinity edge
Finally, either go banshee veil or Stark's Fervor depending on the enemy team.

Here is a screenshot of my last penta using this setup and build. First one got lost and the penta kills counter is gone

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Armor Pen Marks, Dodge Seals, Mana Regen / Level Glyphs, Health Quints.

Build Sheen (Maybe Manamune, haven't tested it out yet), Boots, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, Trinity Force. Play extremely cautiously. Corki is VERY squishy.

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Unrivaled Speed

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Alright, Corki is probably the best mid in the game. INB4 (Insert someone you enjoy more here)

Kat = My main, and I love her mid, and rape everyone mid...But Corki > Kat mid regardless of opinion

AP > AD if you go mid, if laning however AD > AP.

AP Build:

Seals-MP5 per level

Spec - 9-0-21 or 21-0-9, I prefer my utility as mid though

Summoner Spells: Teleport (You better hold your lane if you are mid!) and Flash, you W=A delayed flash, so having 2 is epic.

Spell order: R-Q-W-E - Ult = No brainer...Q, your farm comes from this, and with a decent amount of AP it does 500-1000 to every target it hits mid to late game, that + your ult being insane AoE? GG Penta kills.

Get a sapphire crystal and 2 HP pots, and head mid. Once you have 925 + 90 + 90, Base and get a Catalyst + 2 Wards to protect yourself from ganks.

Plain and simple, you should never leave aside from ganking yourself, at which point you decide whether to get a snowball (Mejais) or not, I recommend just rushing boots, then 3 rod of ages...The life works wonders for team fights.

Not writing a novel, or a build guide...So nothing is in any particular order :P But hope it helps!

Ps. Screw AD, no where near as fun or effective and MUCH less survivability.

Corki's Passive =/= A requirement to go AD

Item list...
Sapphire Crystal + 2 HP pots
Catalyst + 2 Wards
Sorc shoes + 2 Wards
Rod of Ages + 2 Wards OR Mejais if you are getting kills.
Rod of Ages + 2 Wards
Rylais OR Abyssal Scepter Depending on if they are getting away or not. Rylais helps if your team lacks disables.
Zhonyas Ring

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there is no point in going ap corki....seriously

early game corki is a caster, his magic damage is high while his auto attacks are meh

late game corki now has dps items and with his passive and gatling gun he wrecks squishys and his spells still have utility

going ap corki you keep the same utility but your damage is terrible, try looking at his ap ratios

also 2 of his abilities dont even scale with ap >.>

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Just make sure your first 3 items have AD in them and max E first. After that pick up attackspeed/runspeed.

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If you doubt my corki credentials, check my profile.. My normal elo was 1600's last time I could check before they fixed the logs method.

Don't listen to all the fails listing builds so far. Corki does not in any way need mana or mana regeneration items. A mana item will put you way way way behind schedule on your core damage items you will need by early mid game to carry for your team when they small teamfights begin to happen. All you need is mana/5 blues or yellows in your runes. Nothing else. Only use mana when you are going to try to kill someone, when you need to speed push a lane to hit the tower or to escape. You can harrass with your missiles alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day long and never run out of mana even if you don't have a single mana item. Just be intelligent with your use of mana and there will be no problems.

I have never, not once bought mana items on corki and I always out push and force opponents out my lane anyhow with just autoattacks and missiles as harrass. If they get cocky and try to get aggressive on me, I pop a gatling on em and you will out dps them, they will begin to run. After a while you get a feel of the kinds of situations you know you will out dps and win, and the situations you should not even try and instead just Valk out of there.

Corki can last hit very easily with his high damage hits and now longer range auto. I last hit roughly 4 out of 6 creeps every wave. sometimes all of em, sometimes only 3. Practice last hitting and you will carry much harder.

The build goes as follows:

Doran's Shield (if you know you're laning vs. Ashe/Twitch/EZ/MF/Corki, etc.)
Doran's Blade (if you've gotten good with Corki)

I typically blue pill back when I can afford my zerk boots + 2 hp pots

or if the gold is there, I get boots1 + BF sword + hp pots(usually this requires good last hits + a kill at mid)

Once you have zerk boots + BF sword, finish you're black cleaver

Vamp scepter


Frozen Mallet (if you are being focused or hated on by someone specific, ie. garen, kass, etc.)

if not, then Phage > Infinity Edge > Frozen Mallet

Game will usually be over by the time you finish Black Cleaver/Stark's

Black Cleaver (60)+ Starks (20)+ Gatling (50) = 130 Armor Reduction (Reduction is better than penetration because it allows to push past zero, giving you bonus damage above "true damage&quot

This build shreds both squishies and tanks alike. However, it requires you actually get kills and farm well early on much like any solid carry would. An advantage of this build over other carry builds though is that its not overly expensive, BC is over 1000 g's cheaper than Infinity and Starks is a solid item that boosts 4 things: dmg, atk speed, survivability, and your entire team benefits.


Early on, focus on last hitting at least 4 out of every 6 minions every wave. Harass with a little autoattack whenever you can but last hitting takes priority.
Early game harass can be potent since you do true damage at early levels with only red armor pen runes. But last hitting is more important.

If you get an oppenent that gets cocky with you, punish them with Gatling Gun after they use their escape ability.
Example: Twitch gets cute, go invis pops out next to you and autoattacks, just laugh as you autoattack_gatling gun him to within an inch of his life. If he stays he dies, if he runs he dies as well unless he bolts super early.
Example 2: EZ blinks over to you and it hits a creep instead of you, turn on gatling and chase him to his tower knocking out half his health with autoattacks+gat
Example 3: Morgana comes at you at an angle and blows her binding hitting a creep or missing, you valk over, turn on gatling and chase her to tower.

Just be sure to be conservative with your mana or you'll be oom when you most need it.

It's better to wait until level 6, and harass with missiles.

Missile harass strategy: all missiles hit in area effect, if they are standing directly behind their caster creep line but are still close it, you can hit the lead caster creep and the area effect damage will still hit them full on. Make them pay for sticking near their creeps every time. Deny Deny Deny.

Early Mid Strategy: Once you have your boots and Black Cleaver, you can kill a squishy in gatling+auto+phos burst of about 5 seconds. and you can whittle a tank down to about 1/3rdish HP if they stick around. When a fight breaks out, be sure to let someone else initiate and start autoattacking the nearest enemy (whether its a tank or not) apply a few black cleaver reductions, like two or three, then turn on gatling gun ONLY ONCE YOU HAVE SEEN THAT ENEMY COMMIT. This will usually shred that first enemy whether it be tank or not and the rest of the fight will usually swing in the favor of the team that drops the first enemy champ.

Be sure to Valk out of range if someone charges you but VERY QUICKLY get back into the fight the millisecond the aggressor loses interest.

If at all possible, target a squishy first, of course that's not always possible and that's why we built to shred tanks as well.

Tower hug when there's 3+ MIA, people love to kill corki.

Always get Red Lizard Buff as soon as you get your BF sword and on. Without a snare, its hard to get people to hang around inside your gatling gun.. Ask your team politely to save you red buff and explain why, it'll be a rare griefer or an irl 12 year old warwick that steals it, most will understand. Only perhaps Tristana takes priority over carry Corki for red buff most of the time due to her insane range.

Don't forget to save your phos bomb on autoattack phys champions, the 30% miss debuffis not going to do much to Morgana or Annie, but it messes up Twitch or Tryn.

Also note: you can easily feed off of Twitch, if you see him farming a lane, he thinks he's safe cause he can just stealth away when a gank comes. Think again, you see him farming, you approach from bush, you flash over to him and drop a phos bomb on his head; now he can't stealth, your gatling gun takes about 3-4 seconds to kill an average twitch.

note 2: When fighting Shaco's in teamfights or whenever, save your phos bomb for a few seconds BEFORE you feel he is going to try to deceive away.

note3: Vs. Eve, buy Banshee's Veil earlier than usual

note4: You just got crit by wall of text! =)

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Infinity Edge
Black Cleaver
Survivability. Phage can be a good early item as well.

Crit marks rather than armor pen because ideally you'll be reducing their armor b enough to put them at or below 0. Everything else is your choice.

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Maybe if you didn't spell like some ******ed lolcat I'd offer some advice.