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[Ice Themed Champion Concept] Devon, the Frozen Arbiter

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Devon, the Heartless Cold/Arbiter of the Frozen Wastes/Arbiter of Frost/the Frozen Arbiter *name and title not final

Passive(Frostbite): Devon's spells burn the target with frost causing x dmg per second for 4 seconds and saps 4, 5, 6% movement speed(Devon gains a buff giving him the stolen movement speed). Stacks 5 times.

Q(Freezing Rain): Frozen shards of Ice rain from the sky dealing damage.

Aiming the spell: Freezing rain can either be a smaller targeted aoe nuke with ~175 radius which deals more damage or it can be a line skillshot(similar to Viktor's E) but at the cost of damage. How I envision this working is: Upon clicking Q you will have your initial targeting indicator. After clicking once you can either click again to make it a Concentrated Blast OR you can move your pointer outside of the "starting point" indicator where it will then become a Line Skillshot and will then be aimed much like Viktor's E or Rumble's Ultimate.

Damage, CD: General Idea: Short CD(4-5 seconds), mediummana cost + Low-Medium dmg. (200 base damage if cast as a line skillshot out, 250 base if cast as a concentrated spell. .5 ap ratio if line, .625 ap ratio if concentrated)

W(Permafrost): Freezes the earth at target location after a short delay causing an icicle to shoot up from the ground dealing damage(similar to brand W) Targets hit are encased in the ice for .5 seconds per stack of Frostbite on the target

The stun would be displayed visually by encasing them in a tomb of ice(similar to Sejuani ult).

Damage, CD: General Idea: Medium cooldown(10 seconds) normal mana cost(100-120) decent damage(260 base, .7 ap ratio)

E(Frozen Joints/Shatter): Freezes his target's joints; slows movement speed by a large % for 3 seconds and applies multiple stacks of frostbite. If cast on a target frozen by Permafrost's stun the target will be dealt massive damage but Permafrosts' stun will end prematurely.

Damage, CD: General Idea: Longer cooldown, 20-15 seconds 25-50% slow for 3 seconds or 100 - 310 damage nuke, .75 ap ratio)

R(Whiteout): Devon becomes a powerful blizzard for 6 seconds. Vicious winds and freezing rain rip and tear at enemies within a fixed radius of the champion dealing damage and applying frostbite every second. Due to the strength of the wind gusting outward from Devon, any targets who get within 200 units of the Champion are blown 300 units back.

Damage, CD: General Idea: 100 second cooldown(rank 3) 180 damage per second for 6 seconds, .3 ratio 550 range from center of storm. 1080 max damage(+1.8 ap ratio)

Explaining Devon:

As a Frost based champion I felt that, thematically, he needed to encompass that feeling of "he's going to make you very cold" which explains - very simply - his Passive and his E as well as the visual effect of his W's stun. I also liked the idea of the cold becoming even more relentless just when you wish it would go away and, again with his passive, I feel like Devon would have that feeling in his playstyle thanks to how he robs you of your movement speed and uses it against you.

His kit should create a sense of helplessness in his victims as the cold overpowers them as their end approaches.

"His ultimate sounds like proper bull****, and it sounds like the most annoying thing to play against; care to present your case for the persistent pushback effect?"

-One of the biggest issues right now - balance wise - is the mobility creep. This is a very real problem when coming up with champion ideas who then have to compete with the current pool of top picks. An easy example of this mobility creep is Gragas as he is most definately flavor of the month at the time of me writing this. It's simple really, a champion who gets around the map faster, has easier escape tools and just as much damage, range and utility as your champion will be picked 10 times more often and you will be regarded as rubbish and will be forgotten(until you're buffed unnecessarily and become the new fotm...but I digress) So your champion needs to have something that is either so unique or so useful to make them viable in a sea of viability.

"So you're competing with the mobile champions by making a champion who isn't mobile at all?"

Not at all! Devon may look like he lacks mobility but I feel Devon's kit properly embraces his ability to become more mobile as his opponents are burdened by the cold. He just has to work for it.

"Aside from heavy damage, what makes Devon's ultimate worth using?"

-Devon's ultimate, I feel, is the unique twist I earlier mentioned. It is unique in the way it counters the melee "dive and annihilate the squishies before they can react" strategy which has been forced to become the primary strategy in teamfights due to how many escapes many of the viable ranged champions possess.
-This is a personal opinion but I think there should be more abilities similar to Janna's ultimate in the game. I understand how annoying this mechanic may seem to be - no one enjoys being pushed around - but in the sea of gap closers it's a tool that combats gap closers without simply being a "flash away" type ability.
Ex. Vayne's E + Tumble is a much less powerful form of disengaging from a fight compared to Corki's/Graves'/Ezreal's ability to leap/dash over/through a wall and yet it can still be effective when it needs to be.

Devon's Strengths:

-passive and the Frozen Joints form of his E are capable of crippling an opponent's movement speed OR the burst form of his E can quickly burst down targets caught by his combo

-gains safety from most forms of constant melee pressure for the duration of his Ultimate due to the constant 'push back' mechanic

-with proper utilization of his Ultimate's pushback effect he can push an enemy in a direction of his liking making his ganks and 1v1 engagements post level 6 potentially devastating

-his ability to extend the range of his Q can turn him into siege champion at turret poke fests while proper aiming of his concentrated Freezing Rain(Q) will make his damage output deceptively high

-5 Phantom Dancers + Boots of mobility with Janna passive, MS quints, Zilean speed buff, Nunu Blood Boil, and Shurelia's proc while Devon is ulting would be the most amazing ganks ever.

However, in order for Devon to have these strengths, it is only fair that he must make choices...
This is shown in

-his E is either a massive slow + passive application or a powerful nuke but at the cost of his CC

-his Passive's interaction with his W in the form of the potential Stun's duration - may be more difficult to get that full duration stun off if your enemies know they're in danger of it coming

-in order to maximize Devon's damage output his Q must target a single location which requires precision aiming

-Devon lacks a proper gap closer and is only faster than you if he has built up stacks of his Passive or has used his E in order to get close to you.

Playing against Devon:

-early game Devon is weak to ganks due to his lack of defenses(pre 6 that is). A low level Devon with E and Flash on cooldown and 0 passive stacks is a dead Devon.

-stay on your feet when being poked by Devon's Q harrassment. There will be a short indication of where the first Icicle of his Freezing Rain shall fall, after that it travels in a straight line - assuming it is not concentrated on one location.

-the melee range pushback on Devon's ultimate will push you far enough away from him to give you the time and room to retreat or re-position before reengaging him

-keep your distance from Devon in lane. If the Devon is so desperate to be aggressive then let him waste his E in order for him to catch up to you, this means that he no longer has access to the full burst potential of his E's Shatter Effect.

-Devon's ultimate works like Kennen's ultimate in that Devon is the center of the ultimate and must be in the heart of battle in order to maximize its effectiveness, building slightly tanky is almost necessary. If Devon is caught overextended in a teamfight punish him with death

Lore...in progress wall of text:
Though this is a work in progress my current idea is that Devon - his name is also a work in progress - was once a summoner of the Institute of War whose body was extremely sensitive to abnormalities in the weather. While traveling to Freljord on a journey to expand his knowledge of the arcane, a strange Blizzard engulfed the town he was residing at and remained there causing problems for the inhabitants since it was neither the season for such a blizzard nor was it the usual kind of blizzard the inhabitants were used to dealing with. Yet, despite how harshly the blizzard treated the inhabitants of the village and the company he was traveling with, the blizzard would become calm in his presence and would gather around him in a strangely comforting embrace
Despite the warnings from his fellow summoners, one of whom being the woman he loves, Devon became obsessed with his curiosity to learn why he had such an effect on the blizzard and so he set off alone into the blizzard thinking that he would find his answers.

Little is known what transpired the night he was gone, it isn't even known if what came back is even human any longer; for the flesh of Devon's body is as cold as ice and just as solid. Stranger still is the secret he hides beneath the traveling cloak which he wore when he went looking for his answers; for in the center of his frozen torso of ice beats the heart of a storm - waiting to be unleashed.

Secreted back to the Institute of War by his worried comrades, and terrified lover, the Summoners of the Institute approached Devon expected him to express his desire to be freed from his 'curse' but were surprised to learn that he had embraced his 'gift' and wished to join the League of Legends saying that, "the beings of power we study, here in the institute, use the strength of the elements as though they are primitive tools. The elements are curious to see if your so-called 'Champions' were ever even worthy of the powers they tout."

"You think yourselves worthy of the power of the elements? I'll be the judge of that..." - Devon, the Frozen Arbiter

Picture is from a quick Google search of "Ice Mage" but I think is a pretty good picture of what he would look like...just no icicle wand.

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